Walkoff Walk Presents the Second Annual Prophecy Of Mediocrity Contest

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Hey, kids remember last year's Prophecy of Mediocrity contest? Well Rob and I forgot until last night. Whoops! Part of the reason may be is that because last year's winner never emailed us to claim his prize. I hope nothing happened to him.

Anyway, the rules and the prizes are the same this year.

Send an email to our intern Darren (tips@walkoffwalk.com) with the following information:

1.Your real name or your commenter name, whichever your prefer.
2. The six teams you think will finish third in each MLB division in 2009.
3. The average number of wins (to the first decimal point) for all six 3rd place teams (this will be the tiebreaker).

Make sure you write "Contest Entry" in the subject of your email. You have from now until NOON on FRIDAY. Yes, since we forgot to post this you'll get an actual week of baseball games to cheat and help decide exactly who you think will finish in the middle of the road.

The winner will get a one of a kind winner's Walkoff Walk T-shirt specially designed for the contest, a post on WoW, and a random baseball card of my choosing from a giant trunk in my parents' house.

Good luck everybody. May the best at not picking the best win.

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Cheating is for cheaters, predictions sent.

If I win I'm posting 487 pictures of the Blue Jays' offense that was able to score 4 more runs than they did last year. And there will be none of this "see more after the jump" bullshit.

I sent mine in but I want to post it anyway
White Sox

83 wins

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