Weather Could Not Spoil Baseball's Opening Day

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Cincinnati and Baltimore suffered rain delays, St. Louis fans were chilly, and Boston and Chicago saw their best-laid opening day plans get washed away. But screw you, Mother Nature, you cannot and did not ruin this fan's excitement on the first day of real live competitive baseball. I know what it's like to have inclement weather poop on my parade. Just last year, I drove all the way to Yankee Stadium just to turn around and head home when the rains came down, but returned the next night and still got my share of pomp and ceremony. Opening Day is Opening Day, whether or not your game gets rescheduled, or a massive cable network airs a real game the night before, or teams have already played a three game series half a world away.

It was nice to get home from work and flip around the free preview of Extra Innings to catch several different games, and even better to put on the MLB Network to watch an entire two hour show devoted to whipping around the majors. Al Leiter, Matt Vasgersian, and Harold Reynolds are still a bit rough around the edges but with the chance to show live look-ins AND highlights at the same time, how could they fail? I don't really care that Vasgersian's most basic attempts at humor still went right over Reynolds' head. There's no ego and no dolt in that studio. I appreciate that.

Yesterday, we saw Felix Hernandez and Johan Santana play the role of hero, and we saw Brandon Webb and Aaron Cook play the role of zero. We even saw CC Sabathia eat a gyro, which might explain why his fastballs were all coated with tzatziki sauce. We saw Felipe Lopez and Franklin Gutierriez slam ding-dongs while Justin Morneau and Mark Teixeira did nothing. It's only one day, small sample size, yada yada. But really, whether you feel excited about your favorite team's win or devastated about your favorite team's loss, at least you feel something today. That's because yesterday's games counted, and that's all that matters.

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I used to think that the first two days of the NCAAs were great days to take off from work and enjoy a couple adult beverages. But after spending the entire day at home flipping between Opening Day baseball contests, I have seen the light.

Reading that post was about as close as I'll come to watching 'Oprah' today.

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