Wednesday Afternoon Pressbox Liveglog Club: Mets vs. Cardinals

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Hey, kids. I'm hear in the pressbox at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, FL for my last Spring Training game of 2009, and if the BBWAA has their say, my last ever time in a pressbox. Just kidding. They're nice to me, they think I'm homeless.

Marty Noble is here and he just told a pretty great story about the late Red Foley. Foley is a hero of mine having been both a baseball reporter and a country music star. Nice work if you can get it. When Foley would fly to Florida for Spring Training he would bring a pair of white shoes on the plane, and when the plane took off he'd switch his brown shoes for the white ones and wear them for the entirety of camp. When he got back on the plane to fly back to New York, he'd take off the white shoes for the brown ones. I'm not looking forward to putting my brown shoes back on.

In any case, we got baseball here today. Johan is going for the Mets, so that'll be fun. I'll take you through it. The stack of lineup sheets today had a Mets 1-9 featuring Dykstra, Strawberry, Hernandez and that twerp Gary Carter. I guess they were trying to April Fools us. Follow me post jump for the real lineups and my timestamped impressions of the action.


Alex Cora, SS

Jonathan Malo, 2B

Daniel Murphy, LF

Fernando Tatis, 3B

Ryan Church, RF

Marlon Anderson, 1B

Jeremy Reed, CF

Omir Santos, C

Johan Santana, P


Brian Barden, 3B

Rick Ankiel, CF

Albert Pujols, 1B

Khalil Greene, SS

Ryan Ludwick, RF

Chris Duncan, LF

Jason LaRue, C

Kyle Lohse, P

Skip Schumacher, 2B

1:00: Every writer in here is getting stir crazy and seem anxious to get back home. For most of them here that's NYC. More Mets reporters than Cards reporters.

1:05: Food here was good today. One of the better spreads so far. Remember my first Pressbox Liveglog when I refused to eat the food? I was so young then. Alex Cora steps to the plate. First pitch is a strike. Game time temp, 81 degrees.

1:07: Cora grounds out. Jonathan "Raul" Malo steps to the plates and flies out to 2nd. What a Maverick.

1:09: Murphy grounds out to first. Quick inning for Lohse, I'm gonna have a Pepsi.

1:12: Brian Barden flies out to shallow right. Velocity on Johan looks really good. If only I could pitch speed information. Probably have to go up to the pressbo... oh nevermind. And no sooner do I say that then Rick Ankiel goes Ding Dong to dead center. 1-0 Cards.

1:15: Johan makes Pujols look absolutely ridiculous striking him out on a nasty changeup. Maybe the best I've ever seen in person. Looked like a trick pool shot. Khalil Greene, who is hitting well this spring but I refuse to believe that means anything, grounds out to third. End of inning.

1:17: Fernando Tatis grounds out to short. Several writers appear to have brought their own burritos to the game.

1:19: Ryan Church K's. These two teams have their rosters pretty much set. Marlon Anderson grounds into a 1-6-3 DP. It's technically not too late to cut him. The Cardinals aren't keeping a single non-roster invitee this year. DREAMCRUSHERS. Let's go to the bottom of the 2nd.

1:23: Ryan Ludwick leading off the inning for the Cards. Ludwick has K'd 15 times in 70 ABs and walked twice this Spring. Sounds about right. He hits a screaming grounder to Tatis at third. Tatis makes the nice pick. Chris Duncan goes Happy Jack opposite field on the first pitch he sees from Johan. Dangbat. 2-0 Cards.

1:28: Jason LaRue K's to end the inning. Did you guys download your copy of the WoW Furious Five Theme Song yet? Thanks, Colonel.

1:30: Jeremy Reed singles to lead off the third. How does Kyle Lohse get people out. I don't get it.

1:33: Omir Santos hits an absolute bomb to left to tie it up at 2. Here are Roger Dean Stadium there is unsurprisngly an ad for Roger Dean Chevrolet. Their slogan: "Deal With Dean... We Make It Easy For You." Simple and direct. Like Rob. Santana K's and Cora singles. Raul Malo back up to the plate.

1:36: Infiled hit for Malo. Guy in front of me says "Craig Counsell-like." This draws laughs. If I ever talked in these pressboxes I'd be more popular than Henny Youngman.

1:40: 6-4-3 DP for Daniel Murphy. That's gonna end the inning. Desserts here today are just cookies. No fruit. Unappealing. I wanted an orange. Did any of you see I Love You Man? I saw it last weekend. I thought it sucked. Disappointing.

1:47: Missed that half inning. Top of the 4th.

1:49: Ryan Church to lead off. He doesn't seem to be dizzy so he may finally have recovered from his 11 concussions last season. Flies out to CF.

1:51: Two more outs were made. I missed them. Gimme nine minutes. I gotta do something. See you back here at 2.

2:06: Back. Final line on Santana was 3 innings, two hits which were both HRs, 36 pitches, 24 for strikes. It's now top of 5 still 2-2 And as soon as I come back, Omir Santos hits his 2nd Tot of the game, 4th of the spring. Probably still not making the team bbut it'll be fun to tell the grandkids. 3-2 Mets.

2:10: Going to go interview Johan. Be back in 5.

2:25: (Rob's edit) Kris texted me and kindly asked if I would shut down the glog for him. Seems as if Johan Santana invited Kris to go pick up a light lunch at Suzy's Korner Cafe, where Suzy will freshen your coffee cup and more, wink wink nudge nudge. I'd continue it on his behalf but there's no radio feed for this game. Let's all just assume the final score is 8-6 Cardinals.

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Thank goodness BC Twins Fan's boss is out of the office!

all I wanted was a Pepsi
just one Pepsi

Rob, one of the AP photogs grabbed a pic of Kris' interview with Chipper... check it out.

I would pay good money to watch Raul Malo play infield.

Sorry for posting that twice, I had two windows open.

Thanks, Honeynut! Can we upload that to our server and use it later?

Don't sleep on Marlon Anderson!

Why do you think I made it? So it could be buried in a liveglog comment thread and ultimately forgotten? Hell no. I DEMAND that be used as a banner pic on a weekly basis. Enjoy.

There must not be any potatoes on the pressbox buffet because Johan Santana is serving up all the tater tots down on the field.


Several writers appear to carry their own burritos wherever they go.

/more accurate

boom, roasted (potatoes)

Chris Duncan hitting a homer off a lefty. It's like Opposite Day or something.

Marlins at Orioles on the MLB Network. Unidentified Flying Marlin just hit a double to left and they're up 2-1 now in the top of the third.

Check that. Jorge Cantu, Identified Flying Marlin, tater'd to left center. 4-1 Marlins.

A Met who is 'craig counsell' like? I have know who my mortal enemy is now.

Malo is bad

Get your face outta the buffet and keep gloging, Liakos.

I saw I Love You, Man a couple weeks ago. I thought there were a bunch of genuinely funny parts, but I couldn't wrap my head around just how big a dork Paul Rudd was. I guess it's my fault for being a simpleton and not understanding that he doesn't have to play the cool guy every time. That being said, I think he's funnier when he is the cool guy.

I liked him in Friends... er um, just kidding.

Gimme nine minutes. I gotta do something

You are a quick pooper

Kris is admirably committed to that Nine-Minute Abs routine.

I am sure everyone is a quick pooper after they eat that press box food.

IT'S 2:07 ftw

I think Kris just met up with those Astros broads from Orlando and is showing them exactly how to make grow award-winning organic cucumbers plump up.

I hate myself for that CBS-sitcom-esque innuendo.

"make grow"?

See, I write my comments in Russian and then use Babelfish to translate them into English before posting.

It's now 7-1 Marlins over Orioles. Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez call games for the O's. Personally, I'm "upset" that Gary Thorne isn't calling hockey games, but that could be just me.

Honeynut - english good very yes!

this is a traveshamockery

That's lame


Who do you guys think you are - the Orioles' radio announcers?!


Suzy died 12 years ago.

Bonds just signed with Oakland!!!

nice April fools joke, fartie

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