Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, the the trick is just not being caught.

  • WILL Gary Sheffield be a Met by Opening Day?

  • IF there was one guy that could describe a bleeding ulcer poetically, wouldn't it be Ichiro?

  • STILL on the fence about Sugar, that movie I talked about yesterday? Well Jose Rijo is in it. Does that change your mind?

  • HOW cool is it that WHDH in Boston isn't going carry Leno's snoozy schtick ? STAY STRONG CHANNEL 7!

  • DWIGHT Evans only the 20th best Red Sock??? Hope you enjoyed your last WoW link, MacPherson.

  • EVER wondered what different historical baseball moments would like from different camera angles? Yeah, I never have either but it's a cool idea, I guess. You can check it out as the MLB Network "re-creates" 6 classic moments starting tonight.

  • ARE signed up for Iracane's Twitter? There's a link up there top right. He's taking his first steps into New Yankee Stadium tonight and once he cleans the Cream Of Wheat out of his khakis he'll be tweeting and taking pictures of the festivities. Until he drinks half a Dogfish and passes out, that is.

We did it. We made it through our first offeseason together everybody. Yaaay. The season starts Sunday night with Philles/Braves and Rob will be here glogging it. I'm gonna rest up, maybe catch a little sun before I head back to rejoin the pale white natives of New England. And baseball. Before we all rejoin baseball. See you then, pals.

Same regular season WoW Channel.

(Picture of the Ebbets Field Knothole Gang from ebbets-field.com)

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The Yankees recently announced a knot hole gang type promotion at the new stadium. For only $65, you can peek into the stadium. The holes in the walls were originally put in the stadium for Jason Giambi's private use.

I am looking at my last "Live Box Score" of the year. That makes me very happy.

I've been stretching out my arm the past 2 weeks. Its in prime tomahawk chopping form.

I have been practicing crotching small Windsor bottles all month

According to Heyman (re: take it with a grain of salt) Sheffield is signing with the Mets today.

J.J. Putz will be ecstatic to have a team player like Sheffied join the team. (Don't fuck up the end of a game, white boy.)

That's awesome news re Ichiro. The team has now lost 1/2 of its watchable position players.

This Jose Rijo cameo newsflash only furthers my claim that Sugar's real name is High Fructose Corn Syrup. He's also really 29.



Those kids clearly don't understand the concept of a glory hole.

Hey, Dewey landed ahead of Nomah, and Nomah was a God among men until he (a) married Mia and (b) went all-natural, depending on what you've decided to blame for his collapse. What do you want from me?

I didn't see Phil Plantier anywhere on that list.

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