Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, your hometown misses you.

  • WILL the Angels or the Red Sox leave this weekend still under .500? I wasn't around yesterday so I didn't get a chance to talk about how sad, sad, sad and awful that Nick Adenhart thing was. So I'm saying it now.

  • WILL the Cubs/Crew series be a good one? Harden goes tonight and he's ur NL Cy Young pick. Let's hope he gets off to a good, and healthy, start.

  • CAN the Royals continue their winning ways? The Yankees are in town. Orioles, Royals, I think after this series New York plays the Washington Generals.

  • SOMETIMES in the morning are you petrified and can't move?
  • AWAKE but cannot open your eyes?

  • YOU know that Trolley Dodgers/Snakes is the series of the weekend, don't you?

Friends, I know some of you have your Easters and your Passovers this weekend. I wish wellness to you and your families. And as a sports loving nonbeliever, it's actually my biggest holiday of the year. It's Masters weekend! Per my tradition, I'll be at an undisclosed location miles away from my phone and computer tuned in and zoned out while watching some championship golf. Green jackets, green grass and green.

Lloyd got your weekend. Nobody does it better. Nobody does it even half as good as him. Baby, he's the best. See you Monday, pals. Same WoW channel.

(Stellar photo of Wrigley Foul Pole taken from Wallyg's flickrstream.)

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Jenny Lewis and Radiohead: now you're talking. Although Thom really scares me in that clip.

A wonderful weekend to all youse guys.

I'm gonna need some new pants.

Next, I want to see them cover "Live and Let Die." Is there a better lyric than: "In this ever-changing world in which we live in..."

And Hart just took Harden around the bases.

And Bradley takes Looper around the bases.

and cubs have the bases loaded, and nothing goes for them.

And McClung gives up a 2 run homer. T_T

Braun needs to get to the plate here.

yeah, but they got marmol out of the game.

yeah... they need to platoon 3rd base again.

and weeks sneaks in for the win =D

Rant: ESPN sucks, it's baseball season and all I get are the masters and and basketball.

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