Weekend Questions

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baby-lobster.jpg Hey kids, you tried to swim across the sea and you almost made it.

  • ARE there any games for me to go to this weekend in Boston?

  • IF the Marlins take, say, two out of three from The Phillies then Florida locks down the best April in MLB, right?

  • WILL that "other" rivalry put any more space between the Cubs and Cards?

  • CAN the Reds keep streaking in Atlanta? Volquez starts tonight and he's due for a good one after two consecutive stinkers.

  • WILL this weekend's series light a fire under the asses of either Minnesota or Cleveland? Nick Blackburn is making me look dumb.

  • CAN I put an asterik next to the term "first place Blue Jays" until they play someone from the division? I know, I know, they don't write the schedule but still. It's weird. They have the White Cocks this weekend.

  • WHO has the upper hand in Arizona? With Timmy going tonight, I'd like to say the Giants, but we all know the real answer is CHUCK CECIL!

  • DO you realize what your state's official rock song is? And was there a giant political battle of attrition over it like there was in Oklahoma? I just think it's interesting that there are some people that still find the Flaming Lips edgy. PLAY "GUY WHO GOT A HEADACHE..."

  • WILL the Tigers score any runs off of Zack Grienke tonight? No one's done it since last September.

That's it for us. I hope you have a great weekend. Drew (nee Lloyd) will be here this weekend doing what we do better than we do. You know the drill. So be well, enjoy what seems to be nice weather across the entire damned country and one last time, help out Sara, if you can.

We'll see you Monday. You know it, you love, you same WoW channel it. You too, Lobster Baby.

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You forgot the second best series of the weekend, Padres and Pirates.

"White Cock" is what they called me when I lived on that Navajo reservation in Utah for a few months.



Though not official, we have the best city song:



That's a great song off one of my favorite albums, ever.

Will you joining me in wishing Chipper a happy 37th birthday?

New York, New York is the best city song.

/East coast biased Yankee fan

Touche, Gorge.

@Chief, Gorge
It's a great song, but Loretta Lynn looks cree-hee-heeepy in her old age. Maybe she ate a bad Loose Meat sandwich on the set of Roseanne.

Sorry to the rest of the cities of the realm, but Chicago pretty much kicks your asses.

I guess I'm supposed to say this is my town's song. I WENT TO PHILADELPHIA WAWWW WAWWW WAWWW

The hip kids around here might suggest Fallon's house band.

Dirty Water anyone????? Cmon the Standells??? There was once a guitar marathon in Boston where a whole shitload of assholes (including myself at age 12 or some shit) played Dirty Water for like an hour and a half straight. SHIT WAS BAD ASS. SOX WIN!!!

Jeers to my HTML skill set.

Cheers to The Roots.

This thread needs more Jethro Tull

Old Hampshire>New Hampshire.

Mike Oldfield's "Portsmouth" is superior to any of these.


There is only one song when it comes to Philadelphia:


Nice pull there, Chief. Had not heard that one in a very long time.

Its pretty tough to beat this.

just an old sweet song
keeps Georgia on my mind


I'm not from Cleveland, but this seems like a decent candidate:


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