What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Got Hurt

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stretcher.JPG Will also not be seen today. I just got back to Boston last night. That was one hell of a homecoming party. I'm gonna find y'all a Classic TV Friday though.

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I feel like a latch key kid.

Fellow latch key WoWies: Orlando Cabrera just hit a grand slam to dead center in today's lone early matinee.

LaTroy Hawkins will finish the rest of the WoW day in mop-up relief.

D'oh! Miguel Cabrera hit The Big One. I played "Guess The Cabrera" and lost.

Being that my day has and will consist of putting together a massive slide deck for a board meeting, and sitting through the Stations of the Cross, I could use some whimsy here, if anyone has whimsy to spare...

I just dropped a steaming pile of whimsy in Classic TV Friday for you Gorge.

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