Yankees Open Pagan Altar to Capitalism, Indians Fans Wonder "What If?"

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As the Yankees finally begin to tear down the old dump, they are set to experience rebirth in a new dump. Today is finally the Yankees home opener, just three years after breaking ground and, surprisingly, on time. In fact, it's probably true that the Yankees waited to start demolishing the old place because they weren't sure construction would be finished on the new joint. So salute the construction teams and the endless flow of Yankee dollars for getting this thing ready for today.

But I digress. The Bronx fans may be upset at the ticket prices but hey, they asked for it. I wrote that column before I visited the new Stadium for the exhibition game against the Cubs two weeks ago, and now, I regret the tone of my words. The Yankees have done a great disservice to the regular folks by severely cutting back the number of upper deck seats and pushing them way back from the field, creating bad sightlines. Also, those 600 obstructed view bleacher seats (about 12% of the total) really do suck.

Still, my seats are great, so screw those jerks upstairs. I'm headed out today to see the Cleveland Indians come to town, and the irony is quite delicious:

(George) Steinbrenner, who will turn 79 on July 4, could have made sure it was not the Indians coming to the Big Apple to open the latest Taj Mahal of baseball. But the thinking here is that cantankerous George wanted his hometown team to be in on all the glitz.

The year before the American League instituted the designated hitter, Steinbrenner was in line to buy the financially-beleagured Indians in 1972. Instead, the AL wizards decided to throw their support to a group headed by Nick Mileti. The party line was that Steinbrenner's interest in horse racing would be a detriment to the grand old game.

Think about it, Indians fans...you had a chance to have a wealthy, spendy local owner come in and turn the franchise around. Instead, you had thirty more years of failure followed by success that itself ended in failure.

Come back here at 1PM as our pal D-Mac will liveglog the Indians-Yankees game that will air on the MLB Network. I would live tweet and live comment my experience but the AT&T cellular network at the Stadium is horrible and gets easily overloaded. In fact, the only time I was able to send a text message at the exhibition game was during the National Anthem. Sorry, Uncle Sam!

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Bari D)

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Rob, got an extra ticket? If I leave Albany now I can be there by noon.

Hey it never hurts to ask, right?

Still mad about Wahoo spoiling survivor?

Thanks for the kick in the nuts, Rob. I hope CC gets gout and Jeter develops a severe allergic reaction to Valtrex.

Actually, according to Terry Pluto's book Vernon Stouffer was too drunk the night he was supposed to meet Big Stein and sign the sale agreement. He also claims that Gabe Paul helped sabotage the sale so he could buy the Indians with his own group of investors.

It's too bad that the Indians couldn't have held back Carl Pavano for this start.

@bc, Pavano is scheduled to pitch on Sunday. That should be fun.

I predict Pavano will come in contact with a wallaby before Sunday.

That is good but it would have been great if he pitched against CC

Those flatscreens hanging on the obstructing wall are pathetic and insulting.

Those flatscreens might be the biggest eff you of the 2009 season. "Here are your CRUMBS, you dirty peasants--now, cheer us on!!!"

five...five dollar...five dollar hose jobbb!!!

The site crashed with this as its top story. The Curse of the Shrimp will now begin. The Yankees will never get a walkoff walk again!!

Hey kids,

We're having some tech difficulties for visitors and authors alike. I'm trying to get something new up here for you. Thanks for your patience.

Kris Liakos
Walkoff Walk

I hope those flatscreens are battery proof or they will never last the entire season.

I think I might know why Rob did not enjoy those chicken parm sandwiches:


For those of you Kelly Clarkson fans here (I'm assuming all of us) she will be singing today's national anthem.

The site crashed with this as its top story. The Curse of the Shrimp will now begin. The Yankees will never get a walkoff walk again!!

I'm going to the game Sunday to witness Pavano's triumphant return.

@Chief, don't worry he will disappoint you like he disappointed us Yankee fans.

I'm wearing my Bob Feller throwback so Carl can channel his spirit through me.

I'm also gonna be at Sunday's game. You should buy me some shit Chief. I slave over a hot internet all day.

You make it to section 420C and beers are on me. Bonus: I bring stadium mustard with me to the park so I can hook you up.

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