Yellow Beak: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:35, Twins at Red Sox: Rain makeup from last night means that Tim Wakefield and Scott Baker the Touchdown Maker get to face off in the day part of a day-night doubleheader. Why a day-night doubleheader? Because these two games are the only time Minnesoter is scheduled to play in Fenway all season, which spells bad news for Olaf Anderssen out in Saugus.

  • 12:35, Marlins at Pirates: Ricky "The Neighborhood" Nolasco and the Marlins take on the unhittable Paul Maholm and the Screw You, We're Over .500 Pirates. I haven't been this excited for a matchup of Pirate and Fish since Captain Hook had sex with that Alligator. While Smee videotaped it.

  • 1:05, A's at Yankees: Oh yeah, afternoon ball at The House That Mark DeRosa Built. CC goes for the Yankees. Is he related to CeCe Peniston? How the hell did she never change her name for show business? Brett Anderson for the A's.

  • 2:00, Walkoff Walk Whiparound Liveglog Coverage: Rob will attempt to cover the end of the early games and the start of the late afternoon games, which could easily end in disaster.

  • 3:40, Rox at Snakes: Dan Haren a man who is single handedly out to prove that W-L need to be entirely struck from teh record books, goes for the homies and Jorge De La Rosa (Spanish for Jorge Of La Rosa) goes for the Roxtapril Roxkateers of Roxville. Rox. This game seems like there should be pico de gallo on it.

  • 3:45, Padres at Giants: Young Barry Zito now has an ERA of 10.00 and the Giants are already sinking. Ouch. The Bros have won 3 of their last 4 coming into this series to stay tight with the Trolley Dodgers. Adrian Gonzalez is good, y'all.

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Did you know the Dodgers got their name from people who used to dodge trolley car...dammit.

The only Olaf Anderssen living in Saugus is in the witness protection program. His real name is Giuseppe Molinari and he used to live in Brooklyn.

Why whiparound coverage?

@D. Chuck
And he is related to Rob

Is this some bizarre quiz where you ask the questions instead of giving the answers?

Why a green Yankee hat?

Because I saw it on a girl at a bar once back in 2004 and I thought it was cool.

Isn't that how everyone makes all their fashion choices?

Kris needs a spanish lesson

"That's his bobble, y'all."

"Adrian Gonzalez is good, y'all."

Is Britney Spears pinch-blogging today?

@ILPHAPH, don't forget Kris did go to school in the South and he's a huge Britney Spears fan.

Whiparound coverage: makes me glad I brought my Liveglog neck brace to match my sportcoat.

@ Honeynut Ichiros

Whiparound coverage is probably what hurt your back.

WaW on WoW!

/WaW = whiparound Wednesday

I never thought of that. You're right. Liakos, you'll be hearing from my attorney.

Wasn't that an old Opie and Anthony bit? Will Rob be glogging topless?

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