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There is just too much going this weekend. Full slate of baseball games, the Masters, and two families worth of relatives to ignore and insult. Who has the time?? I'll make time dammit, time to highlight yesterday's heroes and today's match ups to watch. It's Easter, and I'm selfless like that.

Saturday's Studs

Roy Halladay: The first place Blue Jays got a typically dominant start out of their ace. 7 innings, 1 run, 7 strikeouts, only 7 base runners. The Jays bullpen made it interesting, but Halladay stood tall during the battle of last year's Cy Young finalists.

Jake Peavy: Peavy was Saturday's king, striking out 10 and pitching into the 9th inning. He didn't walk a soul in leading his Padres to a win, their fourth of the year. 4 wins in April puts the Pads 3 weeks ahead of last year's pace.

CC Sabathia: Another Opening Day starter making good during his second appearance of the year. CC struck out 6 in 7.2 innings, didn't walk a soul and prolonged Hank Steinbrenner's life by at least 5 days.

Albert Pujols: King Dong, Triple Tot - all in a day's work for Albert. This up-and-comer is OPSing 1.443 so far this season, I think he's one to watch.

Hank White: Albert Pujols don't have shit on Henry Blanco; who took Jonathan Sanchez deep twice while catching Peavy's gem. Good for you Henri Blanche, give'em hell.

Alfonso Soriano: He might not have clouted two dingers like some others (Jason Bay, Mike Napoli) but Soriano lead everybody in one thing yesterday: WPA. His two run homer in the ninth brought the Cubbies form behind against the Brewers. Good for you Alfonso, way to make use of that precious leverage.

Today's Sweet Matchups

While most team's aces took make their second starts yesterday; many studs remain to entertain us today.

Lincecum v. Young: The ever-popular "study in contrasts." Tall and fly bally takes on little and strike-outish. The Giants wee ace got knocked around on Opening Day while Chris Young turned in a good start in his first outing.

Santana v. Johnson: The Florida Marlins will not be denied. Coming into this season with equal parts darkhorse and sketpicism; here they are in first place. Johan was underwhelming but effective last time out, but he's a slow starter so we'll give him a break. Josh Johnson was a ground ball and strikeout machine against the Nationals earlier this week, so I'll wait to see what he does against a real team before I pass judgment.

Chamberlain v. Meche: Is Gil Meche a legit ace? He's a pretty good pitcher, if that's worth anything. Joba makes his first start of the year after an excellent spring? If at any point today he retires 16 batters in a row as he did during his final spring start, he'll be okay.

Man the Brooms!

How's looking to sweep the first weekend series of the year? The Yankees, Jays, Orioles, Tigers, Mariners, Braves, Cardinals, and Padres are all poised to pwn. Should be a good day. Watch some afternoon baseball, slip in some Masters (booo Chad Campbell) and enjoy an Easter dinner if that's your thing.

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Also, Jays' .318 team average and 27 extra-base hits lead the Majors. The Jays are also the only team to have two players with at least 10 hits (Lind, 12; Marco Scutaro, 10). Toronto's 42 runs -- also first in baseball -- are the most the team has scored in its first six games since plating 47 runs in the first six games of the 2001 season. Jays are tied for 1st in the AL with nine homers, and didn't have that many until Game #13 last year.

The Padres are wearing their best Easter camo.

I hate Jeff Suppan.

Brewers pulled a Braves, walking 4 straight with bases loaded.

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