Your Official Walkoff Walk 2009 Predictions Compendium

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! When baseball writers and bloggers everywhere pretend they have some sort of inside scoop or analytical advantage over the average fan and attempt to wow folks with virtually impossible-to-predict prognostications! And we're no different! We've already taken you through our divisional previews, but now we'd like to foist our playoff and award predictions upon you, kind reader. Please feel free to criticize our outlandish guesses and to share your own outlandish guesses in the comment section.

To highlight some of our award selections, we believe that Dusty Baker will win Manager of the Year in the National League when he bumbles his way towards a winning record and a distant second place behind the Cubs in the Central. He's got a significantly improving powerful and speedy offense and could luck out with a young rotation. Just don't expect him to repeat success in 2010 when every one of those pitchers blows out their rotator cuff. Felix Hernandez is entering the prime of his career and should put up crazy strikeout numbers this year. He'll win the Cy Young if the defense behind him keeps his ERA low and the potential tater tots all end up caught on the warning track at Safeco.

We picked Grady Sizemore to win AL MVP to appease our two Indians fan readers, while we chose Manny Ramirez to win NL MVP because (a) he's really good (b) he's the best RBI guy on a high-OBP team and (c) he's really good, y'all. Dick Harden has great stuff and should notch 20 wins as long as he stays healthy, while Bob Geren will look like a genius just by putting out Billy Beane's new lineup every day.

Enough of the prattling! Onto the picks!

Division Winners & Wildcards
East Yankees Phillies
Central Indians Cubs
West Athletics Dodgers
Wild Cards Red Sox Mets
Playoff Results
Division Series Yankees over Indians
Red Sox over Athletics
Cubs over Mets
Dodgers over Phillies
LCS Yankees over Red Sox Cubs over Dodgers
World Series Cubs over Yankees in 7
Postseason Awards
Manager of the Year Bob Geren, OAK Dusty Baker, CIN
Cy Young Award Felix Hernandez, SEA Dick Harden, CHC
Most Valuable Player Grady Sizemore, CLE Manny Ramirez, LAD
Rookie of the Year Elvis Andrus, TEX Cameron Maybin, FLA

After the jump, check out our predictions for each team's record and a link to the written previews for each division. You'll want to bookmark this page so you can come back in September and guffaw at our many missteps.

American League East
Team Record
1. New York Yankees 99-63
2. Boston Red Sox 95-67
3. Tampa Bay Rays 92-70
4. Baltimore Orioles 79-83
5. Toronto Blue Jays 76-86
American League Central
Team Record
1. Cleveland Indians 83-79
2. Detroit Tigers 82-80
3. Minnesota Twins 81-81
4. Kansas City Royals 78-84
5. Chicago White Sox 70-92
American League West
Team Record
1. Oakland Athletics 87-75
2. Anaheim Angels 85-77
3. Seattle Mariners 75-87
4. Texas Rangers 69-93
National League East
Team Record
1. Philadelphia Phillies 92-70
2. New York Mets 90-72
3. Florida Marlins 79-83
4. Atlanta Braves 76-86
5. Washington Nationals 66-96
National League Central
Team Record
1. Chicago Cubs 99-63
2. Cincinnati Reds 89-73
3. St. Louis Cardinals 82-80
4. Milwaukee Brewers 79-83
5. Houston Astros 75-87
6. Pittsburgh Pirates 68-94
National League West
Team Record
1. Los Angeles Dodgers 88-74
2. Arizona Diamondbacks 84-78
3. San Francisco Giants 81-81
4. San Diego Padres 74-88
5. Colorado Rockies 67-95

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I hope you are as wrong as you were last year.


I took the liberty of extracting the WoW Theme Song. It was compressed a few times, so the quality isn't the best, but I figured every reader needed to know their favorite site's theme song.

Cubs over Yankees in 7? Come on Rob, bring your homerism hard or don't bring it all.

You've done the Lord's work, Colonel. Thank you.

You know, wild card teams occasionally win playoff series. Several, actually.

Yankees over Red Sox
Cubs over Dodgers
Cubs over Yankees in 7

I think that is Fox's wet dream right there.

I had no idea who Oakland's manager was until this post. Thanks WoW!

Also, since everyone is bookmarking this for September...

The Braves will not finish worse than 2nd in the division.

Prediction for posterity: Reds will not finish higher than the Cardinals.

Kris did the NL standings prediction while I handled the AL standings predictions this year. That's my way of saying "I agree with Matt, the Braves will finish at least in second place". The Phillies got worse in the offseason. Chan Ho Park? Really?

Other than that, I see nothing egregious about his predictions, except maybe that the Reds will win closer to 80 games than 90, but still finish in second. Also, if you add up all the wins and losses across the league, we're off by about 20. Which really isnt that bad considering there will be over 2400 games played this year.

This is the best April Fools joke I've seen so far today.

This is one savvy post, boys. You've appeased the massive Yankees and rowdy Phillies blogospheres, as well as the mighty Geoff Baker, and Chief Wahoo. And in the same stroke, you've drawn the ire (and unique impressions) of the, um, enthusiastic Blue Jay nation. To top it off, if the Cubs somehow make a run, you'll be the only sane blog to have called it. I tip my cap to you.

Thanks, Gewurztraminer. I love your crisp wine.

Twins win 90. Cubs don't make the playoffs

Just had Shazam FAIL on the theme song, which is the greatest theme song I've ever heard.

I thought "Rookie" by FLOW was the WoW theme song?

Forgive me for asking but are you guys doing the thing where we have to predict third place again?

I vote winner gets to hear the Street Team croon for them!


So wrong about the Blue Jays. Just. So. Wrong.

And like Rob says, we did different leagues. The only way the Yankees make the World Series in my AL is if we let 3rd place teams in the playoffs.


Average age of Red Sox starters (incl rotation): 31

Average age of Yankees starters (incl rotation): 29


Yankees over Indians? How'd that work out for you last time?

The last time the prediction was a bit buggy.

Isn't gnat the truth.

Not so sure about Oakland winning the west, but Grady Sizemore is definitely the MVP of the AL. Please delete this comment in October, something is going to make me look dumb.

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