Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie "J.J." Walker Take In a Hoops Game

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See? I told you Alex Rodriguez has mad street cred. Fella met up with 1970s TV star Jimmie J.J. Walker at the Cavs-Magic playoff game last night. Dy-no-mite! Also on hand, Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia, and Concussion McGee.

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JJ Evans' father James was supposed to be in attendance, but with the rent due and eviction imminent he was forced to break out his old pool cue and hustle for the rest of the rent money. It was a move of last resort that greatly upset his loving wife, Florida.

/could talk about Good Times all day

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Brady Quinn was also there. Originally, Derek Anderson had the tickets, but Romeo Crennell called D.A. on the way to the game and made him give the tickets to Quinn. The switch didn't really impact the game either way, despite what the media might tell you.

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They're both happy because they're both members, and, well...Members Only.

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