All Your Base Are Belong to the Dodgers

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Here is what the blogosphere is saying about the Dodgers modern-day record of 13 straight home wins to open up a season: kearnshudson.jpg

  • Dodger Thoughts: We know that a 13-game home winning streak against teams with records mostly .500 and below is no guarantee of invincibility. (...) We know that for the most part, the Dodgers haven't been squeaking by their competition; they've been pounding them, outscoring them by nearly two runs per game. (...) We know that this number doesn't mean everything. But it means something.

  • True Blue LA: But everything unraveled for the Nats in the bottom of the sixth. The Dodgers' at bats went as such: Single, lineout, walk, walk, single, walk, double, walk, single, groundout, groundout. By that time they were up 9-1 and would coast to a 10-3 win.

  • Baseball Musings: So can you win a division in April? The Dodgers are 13 games over .500 at home, 8-8 on the road. If they play .500 ball the rest of the season at home and go 41-40 away from Chavez Ravine, they'll finish 88-74. That's not enough to ensure a division title, but would have won the NL West in 2008. The Dodgers have built a nice foundation on which to win the division.

  • Big League Stew: Some enlightening background about the record the Dodgers broke: The 1911 Tigers, led by Tyrus Raymond Cobb himself, went 51-25 at home but were 38-40 on the road and finished 13 1/2 games out of first place in the AL. Peachy. It would be pretty difficult for the Dodgers to finish that far out of first in the NL West, where the NAFTA agreement will prohibit more than one team finishing over .500 this season. The Dodgers would need to play without a center fielder every day for at least half the season to finish under .500 in that division. Torre probably won't take Matt Kemp out for that long.

  • McCovey Chronicles: How Good Are the Dodgers? Trick question: There is no good in the Dodgers. Their hearts are black; the souls of fans and players alike are corroded and crumbling, carried granule by granule away by a dark, howling wind to parts unknown and unspeakable. It's a bad situation all around.

  • Federal Baseball: The Washington Nationals were there when the San Francisco Giants' left fielder hit his historic home run at home in AT&T Park. They were there in NY to sweep the New York Mets in the last week of their epic '07 collapse. And tonight, in Dodger Stadium, the Washington Nationals were there for the Los Angeles Dodgers, as they cruised to their 13th straight victory at home to start the season.

  • Kim Kardashian: "What should I wear 2 the Dodger game tonight? They made me my own jersey, so do I wear jeans or leggings? Sneakers or diva it up w heels?"

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"do I wear jeans or leggings? Sneakers or diva it up w heels?"

I've often asked my-self those same questions.

On a serious note, green Yankee hats go great with leggings and heels.

When asked for a comment, LaSorda belched and turned back to his hooker.

Kim - Go with sneakers, you'll need good footing when Lasorda asks you for the swirly move


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