Athletics Begin Long, Slow Journey Back To Philadelphia

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Though owner Lew Wolff will have to pay for a stadium himself, San Jose is ready to negotiate with him to move the Oakland Athletics to San Jose. The city, though, is in San Francisco Giants territory, and MLB would have to approve the move.

Money trumps all, of course, and this is just the beginning of a long, slow move back to Philadelphia for the Athletics. As you can see from the above map, the Athletics will go from San Jose to Portland to the Moon before heading back to the bustling metropolis of Philadelphia in 2113.

Map outline by Jared Benedict; work licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Note: The rest of the stuff is just stolen fair use.

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Holy crap I want a Lunar Athletics hat. Best logo ever.

I really thought Portland had a shot a few years ago, but we're a mess right now, governmentally-speaking. It might actually take until 2045 for us to get a big league team.

San Jose A's doesn't really roll of the tongue.

*off the tongue.

I saw this coming. Billy Beane hinted at the lunar move in "Mooneyball".

I'll show myself out.

I hope Joe Morgan sees this post and starts ranting on Sunday Night baseball about Billy Beane "flying the Athletics to the moon!!!"

UU: I think they would just be called the San JoseA's

Jack Cust will still strike out 170 times, even with the ball traveling .3 MPH.

On a serious note - Selig and Wolff are frat brothers, and Selig hinted that if Fremont fell through he would deal with the Giants and their territorial rights.

I'm sure money will change hands, and we'll see the Oakland A's of San Jose in 2012.

Now, wait just a friggin' minute. Wouldn't OAKLAND be considered Giants territory, too?! *brain explodes*

Finally, a good reason to post this:

matt_T, any post about the A's is a good reason to link that video.

Best logo ever.

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