Baseball Before Bedtime: My Girls

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Here's what happened in baseball last night, when you wanted your adobe slabs:

Royals 3, White Sox 0: Zack Greinke became the majors first six-game winner with a complete game shutout performance against Ozzie Guillen's band of merry outpatients. Greinke's ERA drops to a league-low 0.40 while his strikeout total rises to a league-high 54. Fella is striking out more than one batter per inning which is a recipe for certain success. Over 21,000 fans attended the game, which is some sort of record for a Royals game in May when the rodeo is also in town and giving out free cases of frozen Bubba Burgers.

Phillies 6, Cardinals 1: Looks like Country Joe Blanton can cross his name off this sorry list. Fella went six strong, allowing just one run to drop his ERA to a still-horrendous 6.84. Kyle Lohse took the loss, giving up all six Philly runs in the form of a two-run Jayson Werth ding-dong and a Ryan Howard tetra tot.

Twins 7, Tigers 2: A little bit of Mauer power works behind the plate when the Mauer power in the batters box is flailing about. Joe Mauer went 0-for-5 with four gents left on base but no matter, he called a heckuva game for Frenchy Liriano, who also removed his name from the loser list. Again, this is not the 2006 edition of Liriano but it was a good one. Dude struck out nine Tigers and retired nine others on fly balls, leaving just four outs on the ground. His opponent Edwin Jackson failed miserably, allowing five runs in the seventh inning. That dude is A-OK through the first six innings, but the Tigers have allowed a total of 10 runs in the seventh innings of his last two starts. Stinkeroo!

Brewers 7, Pirates 4: The Pirates inability to beat the Brew Crew continues. Despite carrying a 3-1 lead into the eighth behind starter Paul Maholm, the Pittsburgh bullpen found a way to blow it all. The intercostal with the mostal, Ryan Braun, came off the bench to tie the game in the eighth and then Rickie Weeks slammed a three-run happy jack to win it all for the Crew in the ninth. Closer Matt Capps didn't, and took the loss. Fewer than 9,000 Pittsburghians showed up because the friggin Penguins were playing some sort of winter sport.

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I dont' mean
to seem like I care about
material things, like my era or whip
I just want 4 infielders and an outfield
for my team (whoo!)

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I recognize the song in the Baseball Before Bedtime post.

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