Baseball Before Bedtime: Think Pink!

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wow.051109.catstairs.sleepy.jpg Here's what happened in baseball yesterday while you were wielding your pink bat with pride.

Cardinals 8, Reds 7. How do you give up five homers and still win? You play the Reds! Jerry Hairston Jr. and Micah Owings homered off closer Ryan Franklin in the ninth, but Colby Rasmus' RBI double in the top of the 10th won it for the Cards. "That was a blast!" Jay Bruce said after the loss. Aw, those young players. They learn to speak in cliches so quickly.

Braves 4, Phillies 2. How do you lose a game when Matt Stairs (pictured: Cat Stairs) goes 2-for-2 with a pair of walks? You let Casey Kotchman rally against your bullpen. Kotchman hit a 2-RBI single in the seventh to put the Braves ahead. Kotch is your NL doubles leader with 13. Do they call him Kotch? They do now.

Yankees 5, Orioles 3. A three-run blast by Johnny Damon in the seventh inning pushed the Yanks past the Orioles. The Baltimore nine has been outscored 57-35 after the sixth inning this season. It's getting desperate. There are fans out in the street calling for the glory days of Jorge Julio.

Mets 8, Pirates 4. Despite a preponderance of statistical numbers, the Mets are hitting baseballs like they are Donald Duck and Citi Field is Mathmagic Land. Or something. They've won seven in a row, are in first in the NL East and all the Mets fans are becoming insufferable. The less said about this, the better.

Red Sox 4, Rays 3. Jason Bay doubled in David Ortiz in the bottom of the seventh last night for the winning run. Joe Morgan spent most of the telecast yammering about something. My remote spent all of the telecast on mute.

Dan McQuade here. I'll be piloting this ship through major league baseball's chorionic gonadotropin-infested waters for at least some of this week here on Walkoff Walk. As an added bonus, this week you will get at least three (3) baseball movie reviews! Later today, A League of Their Own, and tomorrow, Major League! In honor of my mother, I'll be typing with a pink keyboard today. Hi mom!

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Last time I wielded my pink bat at the pride parade I got all kinds of atention. That's what you're talking about, right?

Chipper and his mom wearing a velour track suit? Oh yes:

I would have guessed that track suit would have had a camo pattern.

btw, matt T, cool site.

Definitely follow Matt T's tumblr, best place for your mastodon updates.


What music player do you use on your blog? Is it part of tumblr or is it from a third party?

Also, while Rob is gone, the WoW caretakers need to make headlines that would be embarrassing as they show up on Rob's twitter.

Thanks guys.

Colonel - its part of tumblr, you just upload an mp3 and it converts it for you. Its by far the easiest (perfect for a lazy person like myself) platform for bloggings.

The pic you posted of McCann's new specs make him look like he's part of the cast of Cats.

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