Baseball Before Bedtime: Westfall

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Here's what happened last night in baseball, but evil don't look like anything.

Angels 5, Red Sox 4: This game went on so long, I almost missed the beginning of that lousy Celtics game which immediately preceded the lousy Bruins game. A back an forth affair that found Boston answering almost immediately whenever LA would take a lead, Jeff Mathis finally ended the thing in the bottom of the 12th with an RBI single off of Manny Delcarmen. After David Ortiz turned in an 0 for 7 day stranding 12 guys, he gave the following quote to reporters: "Sorry, guys. I don't feel like talking today. Just put down, `Papi stinks."' Great now I'm crying at the coffee shop.

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2: "'You have to give our trainers Trainer of the Day for getting them back in there,' manager Joe Girardi joked." He's a regular Henny Youngman. That quote was in reference to Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui returning from injuries and contributing key hits in the win. CC Sabathia scattered 5 hits over 8 innings. Brian Tallet pitched pretty well but got in some trouble walking guys. STOP DOING THAT.

Cardinals 5, Pirates 1: Colby Rasmus' 2nd inning 2 run tater tot was all the offense St. Louis needed. Starter Mitchell Boggs allowed 11 baserunners in just 4.1 innings, giving the Cards bullpen quite a workout. Even more so than that time I threw two full nests of angry hornets in there during a game.

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