Budweiser Wants You To Umpire Drunk

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Thanks to Matt for sending in this video of a 1980s Budweiser commercial, ostensibly filmed at old Busch Stadium. No one deserves a cold beer more than an umpire who made a correct call in his first big league game. I love how he wins over the manager of the NotRoyals who doubted him at first. And he's wearing No. 42! Sly. Nowadays, the commercial would point out how much Budweiser honored Jackie Robinson.

This comment on YouTube really sums it up nicely: "Good commercial. You can see the mutual respect the manager and the umpire have for each other." Nowadays, the commercial would end with the ump bashing a beer bottle over the head of the manager.

And twins!

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A similar 1985 Budweiser commercial ended with the umpire missing the call and it haunting him for the rest of his life.

/Still know your name, Denkinger.

Due to those bottles, the red-and-white color scheme of the defensive team, and the heartfelt tone of the ad, I offer one Stubby Clapp.


That commercial would've been better if the ump threw the manager out of the game.

And what's with the crappy music? Were Peter Cetera and Toto busy?

A black man drinking Budweiser? As Woody Allen said when asked why there were no black characters in his films: "I don't do science fiction".

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