Correction: 2009 Mariners Just Like 2008 Mariners

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How is it possible that a post where I went out of my way to say that yes the Mariners were off to a good start, but IT WAS STILL EARLY, can look so ridiculous a mere 1 month later? Simple. There are no bounds to the level of futility that permeates Safeco Field. It's simply breathtaking.

Yes, having lost 7 of 10 and sliding back down to the bottom of the AL West standings, the glum chums in Seattle are starting to throw their hands up. Don "Waka" Wakamatsu is tossing his star pitcher under the bus, attacking his lineup, and feeling generally lousy about his team. Now THIS is something Geoff Baker can sink his teeth into.

Things aren't so cozy on the good ship Mariner these days. Not after a 12th defeat in 15 games -- capped by Ichiro's strikeout in the photo above -- has dropped the Mariners four games below .500 just 15 days after they sported a 15-10, first-place record.

Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu did not go in the clubhouse and scream at the players the way John McLaren did a year ago this month in New York. But I'll tell you what: this season is starting to take on the feel of 2008. Too many winnable games are starting to slip away from the M's far too easily. Much of it has to do with lackluster play. The defense tonight was not very good and Wakamatsu let it be known that he felt that way.

"Sometimes you've got to ask guys to step up,'' Wakamatsu said of Hernandez. "I didn't think he stepped up today.''

Wakamatsu is also in a tiff with Yuniesky Betancourt and suddenly this season is starting to take on a different, yet equally as dire tone as 2008.

Obviously, in an AL West dominated by the Texas Rangers nothing is set in stone, and theoretically the division is still "anyone's." After their current set against the Halos, the M's get San Fran and Oakland. Beatable teams. But it's one thing to lose a slate of games, and another to feel the foundation crumbling in the middle of May. There was an expectation of failure in Seattle that led to the optimism of last month, and conversely the doom and gloom of this one. A new manager and general manager needed to instill the sort of stability that would prevent that sort of bipolar behavior. Doesn't look like it's happened.

(Update: Knowing all of this, I can't think of a more appropriate place for the first ever LOLCat Cheezburger Night than at Safeco Field. Truly an inspired choice.)

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is Cat Stairs going to the LOLcat meet up?

They need to bring up Jeff Clement, trade for Matt Holliday, resurrect the corpse of Jay Buhner, and cast witchcraft-y spells against the surprisingly good Texas Rangers. And then they'll be a .500 team.

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