Cubs Sale Bogging Down Like Cubs Team

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You know how a meat thermometer has the little nub that pops up whenever your turkey is done? Bud Selig has a vein in his head that does the opposite. According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, the longer this Cubs sale takes to get finalized, the angrier the Commish's office gets.

According to sources, (Selig) speaks to both the Zell and Ricketts camps frequently, hearing their sides of the gridlock that has kept the deal from being passed along to Major League Baseball's 29 owners for approval. It's easy to imagine steam coming out of Selig's ears when he gets off the phone, angry that one of his premier franchises remains in such an awkward state of limbo.

You can picture Selig wadding up some document he had just been faxed and flinging it against the windows of his Milwaukee high-rise. He wanted this deal done in 2007, would have settled for 2008 and long ago was assured it would happen by Opening Day. No one seems to know when it will happen, which could leave the hands of Cubs general manager Jim Hendry tied at the July 31 trade deadline.

"It's not even on our desk," the MLB source said. "We can't do anything until we have it. We wish we had it already."

Ownership of the club has been a travashamockery ever since the Tribune's sale. As Rogers points out, Sam Zell never wanted to own the team, yet he has for 2.5 years now. If the two sides had enough of an agreement in place to announce it publicly, usually the last step to avoid egg on face, the delay in the proceedings is a real head scratcher. Perhaps Ricketts is balking on signing papers until he sees how the market goes. Perhaps Zell has added to the team's price. Perhaps there was never anything more than a casual handshake deal in the first place but the two sides were so anxious to get Bud Selig off their asses that they announced it anyway.

Perhaps they should have just let Mark Cuban buy it. Haha, I'm just kidding.

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I'm guessing Bud Selig's frustration is probably 1,334,856 on Sam Zell's list of concerns. Zell sits on this until we get significant economic traction, unless someone (Pete Pizza?) is crazy enough to pay top dollar sooner than that.

I'm going to start a high pitched campaign to become the Cubs GM.

Rob in 10 years:

"Screw this, I'm invading Iraq."

Sam Zell's Concern List
#1,334,855 Which new swear-word combination ("fuck bucket"? "hell cunt"? "dick rag"?) will get a rise out of my secretary, Gladys?
#1,334,854 Which sexual position should I use when copulating with the dying corpse of Chicago's storied newspaper history?

Sounds like Sam Zell needs some Compound Swear in his life. (NSFAnybody)

Freetzy, your answer is the old reliable: "above the fold".

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