Daniel Cabrera Cut, Then Dissed (With Bonus Movie Review)

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Last night I finally got around to seeing the film Sugar. It was very simple, very moving and probably my favorite movie of the year thus far. It's unflinching portrayal of a talented Dominican pitcher susceptible to the tidal forces of both Major League Baseball and a new country had such a raw emotional feel, it seemed like it was shot entirely in close up. It comes highly recommended for the cliche sounding, but wonderfully executed, look at the actual humans behind the game we love, dissect, write and talk about. The nature of talent isn't as fleeting anywhere as it is in the gauntlet of proving yourself in the minor leagues and beyond.

And that brings us to the story of Daniel Cabrera. Once one of baseball's most closely watched arms, his inability to bring any consistent control to the mound drove him out of Baltimore up the beltway to DC. Life wasn't any sweeter there for the one time potential ace. In 40 IP with the Nats this year he walked 35, struck out only 16 and had an astounding 10 wild pitches. Not content with just giving Cabrera his walking papers, Mike Rizzo took an exasperated and poorly worded shot at the pitcher. It was however, fitting for both his title of Acting GM and that organization in general.

The team informed the right-hander of its decision after Tuesday night's 6-1 loss to the Mets at Citi Field.

By removing Cabrera from the roster, the Nationals will eat the remainder of his one-year, $2.6-million contract.

"You have to put your best 25 players on the roster that are giving you a chance to win," acting general manager Mike Rizzo said. "I look beyond the contract and look at the execution and performance of the player, and it wasn't up to par. I was tired of watching him."

Hey Rizzo, I'm pretty sure people are tired of watching your entire putrid team. That's a real shame that the contract wasn't up to par. A shame for the sorry club that handed it out.

Cabrera didn't deserve a spot on the club. I'd be pretty mad if he was pitching for my squad. But for Rizzo to single out a guy on a team that's 20 games under .500 in MAY in such sophomoric fashion is lousy. I'm no bleeding heart (ok, yes I am) but it's especially jarring to read a quote like that the day after diving into the highly personal and affecting world of players in Sugar. That's some front office they've got down there in the Capital. Baseball in Washington will always be a disaster.

(Coke oweage goes out to Sportingnews Mottram.)

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Fly ball!
Fly ball.

Home run!
Home run.

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I got it. I got it.

Maybe the Red Sox can pick him up and add him to their enormous roster of reclamation projects.

Or better yet, their smaller roster of reclaymation projects, like Gumby Smoltz.

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