Dying Medium Thinks It Has Influence Over Baseball Players' Psyches

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Did you hear the big news? If you're a member of the Mets, then the answer is no, because the team has removed every tabloid newspaper from the home clubhouse at CitiField. The cheesiest tabloid of them all, the New York Post, thinks the Mets are spineless cowards who can't handle a little criticism:

The newspapers were a staple of the Mets' clubhouse for decades at Shea Stadium, but a source said team management didn't want the players exposed to the "bad vibes" from the tabloids after back-to-back September collapses.

The only newspaper now provided in the clubhouse is USA Today, whose coverage of the Mets is very limited.

Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz confirmed the removal of the tabloids, but claimed it was because the club "didn't want to play favorites among the New York newspapers."

Right, because baseball players don't watch television or read blogs or follow Twitter feeds or interact with sad fans ever. The only way the Mets players can ever gauge public opinion about their performances or lack thereof is the newspaper! The bastion of influence in Queens! Newspapers are important creatures and deserve to be preserved, whether in paper or digital format, but the New York Post is wrong for thinking its shoddy journalistic approach to covering sports is the reason newspapers are getting swept out of the clubhouse.

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Its definitely the papers fault that Ollie Perez can't throw strikes

Eagerly awaiting Phil Mushnick's opinion on this.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. Don't you know your supposed to write posts mourning the demise of the daily paper? Take two.

Jay Horwitz is just very much concerned about the rainforests in Brazil.

This helps to explain why Rudy Martzke has been announced as Perez's replacement in the Mets' rotation.

The New York Post will, however, be allowed to remain as the preferred lining for Mr. Met's cage.

What about Gary Sheffield's copy of the FT? He just loves that salmon-coloured paper while he's taking his old-man dump.

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