Europeans Discover, Play Baseball

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wow.051109.baseballeurope.jpg Get this: It's not just dogs and girls who play baseball. Europeans play it, too! I know, I know.

But the International Baseball Federation (the IBAF, for some reason) sent out a press release today telling people how hot baseball is in Europe right now. It was so hot just re-wrote it, which is so silly. Everyone knows you're supposed to re-write it and add pithy comments.

"The efforts that our federations are making to grow the sport at the grassroots level, as well as all the time our partners are putting in to help us tell our story, are being positively reflected in our growth globally," said IBAF President Dr. Harvey Schiller.

Yes! Partners telling stories! Federations growing out of the grass! Global growth! (See? You can just re-write quotes, add exclamation points, and blammo! Instant blog comedy gold.)

There are actually 40 players from "no less than nine European countries" playing in the majors and minors this year, which is the most ever. It might be a ways off before they're playing the World Series in London, but this much is for sure: Baseball sure is played by Europeans.

On a side note, the Baseball World Cup is in September. It is sure to be one of the top two baseball-related competitions among different countries this year.

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10 of those 40 are Andruw Jones.

First country to give up a walkoff walk?
I'll take France.

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