First Things to Hand: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:10PM EDT, Braves at Marlins: The Braves offense finally got some juice last night. Can they retain the juiciness today and finally give Jair Jurrjens some delicious run support? Chipper and the gang have supplied young Jair with just 2.67 runs per start. Maybe it's time to bench young Jordan Schafer, who earned his first golden sombrero last night and is now on pace for 246 strikeouts.

  • 1:40PM EDT, Pirates at Cardinals: The Pirates are 7-2 outside of their own division! But just 5-13 against NL Central opponents! This is a recipe for disaster! Because they play half their games against their own division! Their only hope is that Cards starter Todd Wellemeyer poops the bed again against the La Roche Bros and Co. like he did in April! Rick Ankiel will be in the lineup today but with that concussion still ringing in his noggin, he might need someone to point him towards centerfield!

  • 2:10PM EDT, Mariners at Royals: Believe it or not, a mid-May Mariners-Royals series means something. I never thought those words could ever be true, but they are, and our pal Matt Sussman is going to liveglog it for you. Jarrod Washburn attempts to even up a two-game series when he takes on sabermetric darling Brian Bannister in renovated Kauffman Stadium. Come back at two o'clock and enjoy the punny delight that is a Suss liveglog.

  • 3:10PM EDT, Giants at Rockies: Former face of the franchise Matt Cain got smacked around by the Rockies last week in San Fran, allowing three tater tots and four walks. Think he'll fare better out at Coors Field? Jason Marquis owns a 1.71 career ERA against the Giants in seven career starts but has never faced them in Coors. Something's gotta give, maybe!

  • 3:35PM EDT, Rangers at Athletics: Holy crapola, the Rangers are a first place team! They've notched five wins in a row and passed the fading Mariners thanks to some timely hitting and actual good starting pitching. Brandon McCarthy takes the hill today with his mediocre 4.67 ERA and fantastic 6.6 runs per game of support. Oakland has lost four in a row and sits mired in last place, so they're bringing Bob Welch out of retirement to start today.

  • 3:35PM EDT, Diamondbacks at Padres: Both these teams are 12-16 but only one of them has Danny Haren and a tidy 1.47 ERA on the payroll. After starting the season 0-3 with no love from his offense, fella has reeled off three straight well-deserved wins. His 6.71 K/BB ratio is delightful and things are looking up for the dude today, pitching in a park in which he has never lost.

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This liveglog news makes me very happy.

My sources say Ankiel isn't starting today and he is in fact going on the deel.




Manny's on roids! 50 game suspension! Stop the interwebs!

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