From Love's First Fever To Her Plague: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:05, White Sox at Indians: Today at noon you can travel to Cleveland, buy a house for the price of a VCR, then check out Mark Buehrle take on Cliff Lee for a lunch time showdown. Buehrle is the one pitching more like a defending Cy Young Winner. His WHIP is a chin hair above 1 and Lee's is a chin hair under 1 and a half. With the Indians at 10 games under .500 they need to start winning before my next gypsy prediction comes true and Eric Wedge is in the breadline.

  • 1:10 Braves at Mets: Last night's shirmp filled, disputed call havin' battle royale spills over into an afternoon battle for rubber. Everyone in the NL East hates each other don't they? Let's hope Jo-Jo Reyes and Jon Niese keep it clean and come out boxing. And that Chipper doesn't see any ghosts.

  • 3:45, Ryan Zimmerman at Giants: While Zim tries to extend his hitting streak to 31 games, Barry Zito tries to extend his quality start streak to 5, which is actually far more interesting to me. To recap, BZ has now given up just 4 ER in his last 26.1 IP. Could he be... back?

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Happy Birthday, Barry! For your present, you get to face the Reds triple A team.

Zimmerman's career OPS is 50- points lower during the day, while his BA falls 10 points. He's 2-8 lifetime against Barry.


And you can stream the new Wilco while the games are on:

Eric Wedge needs to go, now. Get Garko and LaPorta in the lineup every day. teams tend to do better when the players who can actually hit aren't riding the pine.

Does that mean that both Buerhle and Lee missed a spot shaving this morning? Cause that would make them just like me!


Sooze gonna glog the 3:45 game.

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