Get The Cash You Need In A Flash With The Mets

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The Phillies played at Citi Field for the first time last week, which gave me the chance to marvel at the Mets' giant Inaugural Season patch in full 1080i HD glory. Let's take a look at a screenshot now, as this will never get old.


I know people have been making fun of this patch on the Internet since it was invented (the Internet, not the patch), but, really: Wow.

Citi Field also has quite a few interesting ads adorning its outfield walls, too; instead of baseball standards like Budweiser, Coors, Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite, the Mets have decided to class the place up a bit.


Okay, so there are Bud Light and Budweiser ads. But there are also some ads you might not see elsewhere, like one for FOX News! Or there's one for a company allegedly called "Bob's Furniture." I assume those couches are sold off the back of a truck. But the #1 ad in the Mets outfield is definitely the one for gold coins! I await when the Mets' announcers have to start referring to them as " HOMERS!"


I don't watch much cable news. Is Fox Nation much like Red Sox Nation? I bet they're both equally annoying, at least.


Here was a blooper from Wednesday's game: The "FIELD" part of the Mets' new stadium's logo fell off to its side and nobody fixed it. Wait, what?

There's nothing really of note here, but I just wanted to note how ugly that new Xerox logo is. Do all the Xerox employees have to wear a giant orange-and-blue patch on their shoulder, too?

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Mets fans would starve before trading in their gold jewelry.

All the Mets players can sell their golden chokers after the season to CASH4GOLD

I hope that patch is iron-on. That would be so cool to have.

Its really a cool game indeed :)
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