Honey, Lock Up The Dexatrim. JC Romero Is Coming Back

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When JC Romero was suspended 50 games in January for failing a drug test, he was unquestionably the most valuable player to get banned under the new PED policy. In his two previous seasons with the Phillies he pitched in 132 games with an ERA+ of 193. In last year's postseason run he pitched 9 IP, allowing only 1 ER. The numbers in the Philly bullpen are less than stellar this season, so they must be happy that Ole JC is on his way back.

He will be eligible to rejoin the Phils on June 3, barring rainouts. Major League Baseball rules allow him to pitch in the minors for 16 days before the suspension ends.

Romero began his minor-league assignment with a shaky inning of work for triple-A Lehigh Valley last night. He entered a 3-3 game in the seventh and allowed two hits, a walk and a run, taking the loss in a 4-3 setback to the Gwinnett Braves.

"It's a very bad place to be, worse than being released," he said. "When you get released, you know that you're doing something wrong and you have to step up your game. And when you get suspended for no reason, it's like somebody else is questioning your integrity and doing things with your career that shouldn't be done."

Romero has said he's "accountable" for what happened but he's still suing the company that makes the OTC drug that led to the failed test. While Romero's skills made his suspension notable, his pissing and moaning when it was announced also stood out. My advice to Romero is to follow the lead of once suspended pitcher Carlos Silva. After his suspension Silva returned to baseball apologetically and got right back to his old self, giving up a ton of hits and eating whole turkeys.

Learn from him, JC. Learn from him.

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You should probably hide the eyebrow-waxing kit next to the Dexatrim.

I'd piss and moan if I were JC, too. It seems as though the banned substance definitions weren't clearly defined or understood by those that should be in the know. Romero made a questionable decision somewhere along the line, but it appears as though the baseball people he consulted with didn't throw up a whole lot of red lights, either.

This is unlike Real World Seattle when David started dating Kira, Kira clearly knew it was a violation of her employment with Bunim-Murray to date cast members, and she proceeded anyway.


Is that a picture of JC Romero or JC Chasez from the Backstreet Boys?

JC has risen
he has risen, indeed

Your meme is making me nauseous, Honeynut.

David was a true original Boston Doofus.


Just kidding I don't fucking care.

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