How Did David Ortiz Spend His Three-Day Vacation in Seattle?

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Red Sox big boppin' DH David Ortiz is having a rough year, friends. Fella hasn't hit a home run all season and is currently being out-slugged (by a factor of almost 50%) by lightweight teammate Nick Green. You knew things had gotten bad for Big Papi when manager Tito Francona decided to give him a three-day furlough during the team's recent road-trip to Seattle, instead using Rocco Baldelli (0-for-11 with 7 Ks) as the designated hitter. So how'd you spend your three days off, Papi?

"I just relaxed a little," Ortiz said after sitting out the last three Red Sox games against the Seattle Mariners, including yesterday's 3-2 loss at Safeco Field. "We'll see. It was a little out of normal (not playing in three straight games), but I feel good. I feel good. I feel these days off, I did some things where I had to think about them and then an hour later, go ahead and try to do them, you know? Practice it. I feel good."

Throughout the Lost Weekend, Ortiz kept a low profile in the clubhouse, spending most of the time before games in the trainer's room. Yesterday, he got a deep tissue massage from massage therapist Russell Nua while some teammates stretched and the pitchers practiced bunting in anticipation of interleague play.

Later on Saturday night, David sampled the lamb saddle and smoked halibut rillette at Spring Hill restaurant, then washed it all down with some late harvest riesling viognier dessert wine, afterwards taking in progressive house DJ Sharam of Deep Dish at Trinity. Sunday morning, he rose early to get down to Pike Place Market in time to chat up the fishmongers and get the freshest Copper River salmon to ship back to Boston.

So really, Sean McAdam of the Boston Herald, you call that a "Lost Weekend"? I think not. This was a lost weekend.

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Wait. I'm confused. Does David Ortiz feel good?

He knew that he would.

Ortiz misses Manny, and the steroids

What kind off odds could you have gotten in Vegas that after almost 2 months of baseball Marco Scutaro (career 43 HR's in 737 games) would have 5 HR's and Ortiz would have 0?

HE GOT... uh... days off?

I heard he went over to the Pier where they shot Real World Seattle and threw Manny Delcarmen's teddy bear into Elliott Bay, then smacked Delcarmen in the face as his taxi sped away.

Holy crap, +1 HI

"You are a bitch"

@HI, does Delcarmen have Lyme disease.

No, he's just a jerk with OCD who kept cleaning the clubhouse all the time. I bet he'll come back on a reunion show and complain that the front office edited the season-highlight DVD to make him look like a dick, but everybody knows he's a turd anyway.

The Real world provided a lot of comedic moments over the years, but none better than that dumb teddy bear floating face down in the bay.

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