I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, Cardinals at Brewers: In this afternoon's rubber scuffle, Todd Wellemeyer takes on Manny Parra (never heard of him). Despite their 1-0 win last night, St. Louis is still 2-10 in their last 12 against the Crew. O AN WINNER TAKES 1IRST PLACE. The Cardinals are doing okay for a team that finds it nearly impossible to score runs on any given night.

  • 1:35, Blue Jays at Orioles: Bad news, Baltimore. It's Halladay Day. The Blue Jays have their best shot at snapping their 8 game skid with Doc on the mound, and would love to end this nightmarish road trip on a high note. The lineup is definitely in a funk and first place Boston heads to Toronto on Friday. Big game against the Orioles? I think so.

  • 2:10, Tigers at Royals: Just a few weeks ago Rick Porcello was the baby faced rook that Detroit fans were excited about. After a few weeks and just 3 ER allowed in his last 24 IP, he's already become a rock in the rotation. Despite dropping last night's contest the Tigers have a 3 game lead over Kansas City and their rotation, with Porcello, Edwin Jackson and Dontrelle Willis all pitching well, is gaining strength.

  • 2:20, Pirates at Cubs: The Cubs finally broke their losing streak in last night's rain shortened contest. With no one else in the division playing exceptionally well, they stiill find themselves only a handful of games back. And with the Pirates only 2 games behind them, stealing rubber in today's matchup is big for both teams. Zach Duke takes on Carlos Zambrano. Pirate Bear!

  • 3:10, Dodgers at Rockies: Afternoon baseball out west. Alright. Everyone is getting smaller in LA's review mirror. No one seems in position to kill our catch them. NICE GUY CLARK REFERENCE. Ubaldo Jimenez tries to keep Clayton Kershaw out of the broom closet.

  • 3:35, Mariners at A's: Erik Bedard vs. Trevor Cahill. Because they've already sold some people tickets.

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The Cardinals scored 8 runs last night. Brad Penny could win with that many runs.

And 26 runs in their previous 12 games. Let's not call it a trend yet.

Darn. I saw the link on the word "funk" and I was hoping for a James Brown or The Meters video...

live glog?

Somehow, the Tigers have the lowest ERA and BAA in the American League.

And the Royals are right behind.


Liveglog tomorrow, y'all!

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