If You Blinked You Missed The High Point Of The Pirates' Decade

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Ah, the halcyon days of April 26. It was good times for Pittsburgh's baseball squadron. They were a mere game and a half behind the St. Louis Cardinals and were third in all of baseball with a +33 run differential. I got busy for a couple weeks right around then and wasn't able to blog, or even really follow sports, as much as I like. One thing that hasn't surprised me upon my return? The Buccos regressed. Despite winning last night against, the Pirates are now 6.5 games out. Losers of 12 of 14, they're now rocking a -3 overall run differential.

Injuries to catcher Ryan Doumit, SS Jack Wilson and Matt Capps didn't help, but either has the fact that the team is composed almost entirely of singles hitters. They've tallied an anemic 22 HRs and .389 SLG. While the entire pitching staff is improved over 2008, it isn't the kind of lights out staff that can keep a team with that sort of run production above water for too long.

Sorry, guys. That was pretty much it for the decade. April. Memories are good to have, though. They sustain you through the hard times. Like baseball season. Maybe someday one of the heroes of April 2009 will grace the Altoona Curve with their presence like John Candelaria and Steve Blass! Scintillating.

Pirates fans, HOW HAVE YOU LIVED LIKE THIS for 15 years? Oh, that's right you only care about the Steelers or the Penguins when they're winning. Carry on.

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On the bright side, if you're a particularly young Pirates fan, there is a chance Will Leitch will show you his hotel room.

Ooh la la!

Weird. When I was 13, the same thing happened to me, only the stadium was the Vet and the reporter Bill Conlin.


I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.

WTF Liakos?
just bc the Rats put the stink in ba-stink-seball, NOBODY in da 'burgh is a valid sports fan?

check yourself

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