Instant Replay Machines Feeling Used

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If you're a superfan of instant replay, last night was a banner evening for you. Also, I'd probably hate watching TV with you because I'll bet you constantly use the DVR. Two home runs were overturned last night, one in Pittsburgh and one in Milwaukee. Here's a recap of the replays.

Soon after Pittsburgh's Adam LaRoche became the first player to have a home run taken away following a video replay review, Florida's Ross Gload lost one the same way Wednesday night when umpires reversed their call.

LaRoche wound up with a double at PNC Park. Gload's pinch-hit drive was called foul at Milwaukee and he eventually struck out.

LaRoche's shot in the first inning struck either a railing or small screen above the 21-foot wall in right field. Both objects are in play, but first-base umpire Lance Barksdale signaled a two-run homer.

Thank goodness for the replay. I knew I couldn't trust a Barksdale. If baseball were ruled by the Iron Fist of Rob Iracane both ding dongs would have stood and the rest of the season would have been a sham. I am Clooney.

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Rob's main contention was that it would make the games longer. The instant replay in the Cards-Pirates game was very quick. Also, the game ended in less than 2 1/2 hours.

In other words: "the centre (does not) hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world!"

The Mrs. and I are heading to Bodymore for a weekend in June. The question is, do I attempt a self-guided Wire tour?

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