Jeff Passan Is The Carrie Nation Of Internet Sports Journalism

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wow.051209.jeffpassan.jpg Hey, kids, remember yesterday, when I was a cub fill-in blogger for Walkoff Walk? Ahh, those were simpler times, when I was content to make fun of Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan for suggesting lifetime bans for first-time drug test failures.

Little did I know that Passan would come out with a mailbag piece today that tops calling for a lifetime ban.

Agreed. Also, if we establish capital punishment, we can keep people from murdering each other. Oh, wait...

Steve Haynes
West Lafayette, Ind.

Before I respond ... that was good.

You know, the point is well taken. I'd like to believe that baseball players don't share the same characteristics as cold-blooded killers, but the narcissism I so often talk about in steroid users is the same sort of thing pervasive among murderers.

In no way am I conflating steroid use and murder. Banishment in baseball, though, is the sport's equivalent to the death penalty. I guess the point was: extreme times call for extreme measures, and baseball has gotten to the point where it has tried almost every reasonable avenue to abolish steroid use, only to watch its biggest names continue to tumble. Ultimately, this will keep happening, and baseball will rue not doing everything in its power earlier

Passan is right: A lot of steroid users are narcissistic. That's because most steroid use is done to improve one's looks. People who take steroids to improve athletic performance are outliers. I wonder how often he talks about this, though; I'm thinking of inviting him to my next party to find out. (Just kidding, folks. I don't throw any parties.)

But back to the point: On one hand, taking steroids to improve one's performance and therefore the performance of the team. One the other, taking the life of another human being. The narcissism similarity is pretty obvious here I don't even need to point it out. Baseball will rue the day!

I do think my favorite part of the mailbag is when he calls that email "good."

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I'm confused by the Minor threat album cover. Are you suggesting that all clean players wear an "X" on their batting gloves?

I didn't know this was turning into a straight edge punk blog. I like it.

Maybe dmac is trying to suggest, by using the album cover, that Passan should spend his time trying to smell his own crotch instead of writing.


dmac, what has been your most memorable pit experience?

Yes, ..."baseball has tried almost every reasonable avenue to abolish steroid use...". Reasonable avenues include: ignoring steroids, denying the prevalence of steroids, refusing to test for steroids, allowing individual clubs to actively encourage the use of steroids, and implementing steroid testing only after being threatened by Congress.

And still employ the same Comissioner who was responsible for all of what Gorge listed.

Good point, Gorge. (I'm going to go ahead and assume that's your real name.) We're only in, what, the fifth year of MLB's drug testing policy? Oh, five years, we've done all we can!

I wonder what an unreasonable avenue to abolishing steroid use would be.

Someday, we'll look back and laugh.

Someday, we'll all have freaky delts.

Someday, we'll all look back at our freaky delts and laugh.

Someday we'll have flying cars. WHERE ARE OUR FLYING CARS??!!?11/??

Someday, we'll pop each other's backne.

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