Jim Leyland Is Destroying A Whole Generation

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wow.051309.leyland.jpg The hilarious steroid column party today continues with Rick Morrisey of the Chicago Tribune, who writes about how Jim Leyland doesn't hate steroids enough to please him.

I think the fans come to the game, whatever sport it is, and they want their team to win," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. "I don't think they're thinking about those things.... I think they're interested in their team winning. In any sport, not just baseball. So quote me on that. It's not just baseball."

Allow me to interpret: If fans are willing to look the other way in their pursuit of a winning team, what's the big deal if players are using? And, why is everyone picking on baseball?

It's apparent a lot of work needs to be done in the area of steroids education. If Leyland would look outside his bubble for just a second, he would notice there are millions of impressionable kids out there who might hear a manager slough off the suspension of one of the premier players in the sport. Could any of those kids then be blamed for thinking steroids aren't evil?

He has a point here. Millions of children come home from school every day, turn on their local UHF station to watch Jim Leyland's Fireside Chats, a daytime Emmy-award winning show where Leyland talks about the latest drug suspensions and introduces old Chip 'n' Dale cartoons. How dare he. How dare he.

It's really amazing that paragraph begins with the sentence, "It's apparent a lot of work needs to be done in the area of steroids education."

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If Leyland would look outside his bubble for just a second,

Unfortunately, he can't. Jimmy forgot to turn on the bubble's vent fan, so all of that smooth, rich tobacco smoke has created an impenetrable haze.

And, why is everyone picking on baseball?

Because Shawne Merriman is going to murder anyone who mentions steroids and football

My favorite Jim Leyland story is when he interrupted his interview for the Phillies' managerial job to go across the street to the CVS to buy some smokes.

No matter your thoughts on this subject (and, to dmac's point, Rick Morrisey is a complete dipshit), it's amazingly cynical and cold for a manager to not give one shit about his own players feeling forced to ravage their bodies, just to keep up with everyone else.

Fair point Gorge, but aside from being a manager Jim Leyland is best known for smoking a ton of cigarettes. Body ravaging is part and parcel of his being.

Don't ever change, Jim Leyland. We love you for the "baseball's batshit crazy yet still really cool Grandpa" you are.

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