Joe Maddon Drinks Too Much Riesling, Flubs Lineup Card

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One of the worst kept secrets in baseball is that Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon spends most of his office time working on wine pairings and exotic head cheeses for his next charcuterie party instead of paying attention to his lineup card. Well, his refined hipster taste finally caught up with him this weekend when he entered two 3Bs on his official card and his team had to forfeit the DH spot. MADDON BONERZ.

Manager Joe Maddon planned to have Longoria serve as the DH in the series finale against the Indians with Ben Zobrist playing third base. The lineup was listed that way on the card in the Rays' clubhouse, but apparently not on the official sheet provided to the umpires and the Indians before the game.

After the top of the first inning was played with Zobrist manning third for the Rays, the umpires gathered down the first-base line for a lengthy discussion. They then moved to the Indians' dugout, where they continued the talk with manager Eric Wedge, who appeared animated at times.

Because Zobrist had already played, the Rays had to forfeit the DH slot and have the pitcher bat in what would have been Longoria's slot - third in the batting order.

So Andy Sonnanstine, who loves hitting more than any other Rays pitcher, ended up batting third when play resumed in the bottom of the first inning - and promptly knocked Carl Crawford off the bases with an ineffective bunt down the third-base line that got Crawford forced out at second base.

Whoops. That's even more embarrassing than the time Coach accidentally got Lisa Loeb's frames at Lens Crafters. Sonnanstine wasn't a total loss. He actually had an RBI double in the the fourth and the Rays cruised to a 7-3 victory.

Seems to me that Maddon is getting a little careless and doesn't realize that last year's edition of the Rays kind of steered themselves. This year, with his staff giving up a full run more per game, Joe Cool needs to buckle down and lead his squad back in this thing. LESS SHOEGAZE, MORE MATH ROCK.

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The phrase "MORE MATH ROCK" is never an accurate statement, except for the statement I am typing right now.

Maddon was too busy trying to track down a copy of the Animal Crack Box

The phrase "LESS SHOEGAZE" is always an accurate statement.

"Zobrist" sounds like a shitty alcoholic soft drink.

Ben Zobrist's family came to America as the Obrists, but an excited 12-year old accidentally added the Z. His Grandfather's immigration papers actually read Andrew Joseph ZObrist !!1!

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