Josh Hamilton Serves Up Bloomin' Onions!

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Oh, to be a minor leaguer. Every once in a while one of the big league stars gets hurt, and then he comes down for rehab and OMG you get to meet him!

A recent example comes from the Oklahoma RedHawks, where Josh Hamilton is on a rehab assignment with a strained muscle. And it's better than even just meeting him. OMG guys look what happened!

The Oklahoma RedHawks were certainly pleased with him on Sunday after their victory over the Round Rock Express at Dell Diamond. Baseball tradition holds that a Major League player assigned to a Minor League team on medical rehabilitation assignment must fund the postgame food spread.

The RedHawks ate Outback on Sunday night.

"It was good," pitcher John Bannister said. "Real good."

Is there a more classic baseball rivalry than Oklahoma City RedHawks-Round Rock Express? Yankees-Red Sox pales in comparison.

Unfortunately for the Rangers' AAA affiliate, Hamilton is slated to be back in action today, and they'll be stuck eating at Applebee's or wherever. Don't worry, RedHawks! One day you'll learn what Olive Garden tastes like. One day.

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In a previous rehab assignment, Josh Hamilton also provided the smack.

I was so proud of myself for writing "Josh Hamilton" and "rehab assignment" and not making a drug joke. It didn't even occur to me!

What I'm trying to say is: Thanks for picking up the slack.


Were any of them raped by a wallaby?

In only his second day at the helm of the HMS WoW, dmac has published a story that involves a chain restuarant and lends itself to cheap punnery. I'm gonna say it right now: Dmac for WoW ROY. ELVIS ANDRUS WHO?

Meanwhile, Andruw wonders why the Bloomin' Plantain never caught on in America.

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