Let's Go Mets Go - 1986

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So the Mets are in Boston this Classic TV Friday to take on the Red Sox. What better way to stare into the face of the moribund (for Sox fans) history between these two clubs by posting the theme song to the 1986 Champion New York Squad, "Let's Go Mets Go."

Dude's vocals are overwrought and seriously Pall Mall inflected. There are wacky player antics, Gary Carter looks like a tool, there are a bunch of Mets fans in half shirts and a Joe Piscopo sighting. Does it look horribly dated? Good. That should remind you how long it's been since the Mets won a title.

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Where are the scenes of them doing a bunch of blow?

Set song that to an updated techno beat and you have a rave waiting to happen.

Playing this video and hearing the tune would be harmful to my sanity.

Konichiwa, bitches! I'm off to the Berkshires to spend the weekend in a pool with a drink in my hand.

Be careful Chief, that is Red Sox country

Gary Carter is one of the best catchers ever and deserves to be in the HOF. Totally.

They tried making one of these for the 93 Mets, and when asked to act "crazy," Vince Coleman and Anthony Young knifed Todd Hundley.

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