Listen to the Walkoff Walk Furious Five Radio Show, Episode 1.8

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The Walkoff Walk Furious Five Podcast Episode 1.8 is now archived at BlogTalkRadio (and allegedly at iTunes although I have no idea how to find it) for your listening enjoyment. Last night's topics included Juan Pierre's possible All-Star bid, Steve Phillips' asinine commentary during the Mets-Giants tilt, and this horrendous German pop-swing song.

The song played at the end of the podcast is a live version of "Gwen, Now and Then" by the Broken West, courtesy of KEXP at the Free Music Archive.

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Hey grandpa, type "Walkoff Walk" into the ITunes search box. Call 911 if you have any trouble.

I typed in "Kris Liakos" and it gave me a huge list of hipster music.

I am now 10% gayer for having listened to that song. Usually I prefer my gay German pop stars dressed as faux-cowboys.

The Germans always try to send in some crap for Eurovision, not like the brilliant British entry, 5th this year.

All of the songs were horrid. The British song was notable because it was less horrid and mostly just zzzzzzz

Good job guys. Sorry im part of the 25% west coast contingent of baseball fans keeping your kids up :(

I like that you can hear Kris drinking in the background. He's like the Christopher Hitchens of sports blogging.

Also, how many people heard about the city of Winnipeg for the first time on this WoW podcast? Awesome.

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