Listen to the Walkoff Walk Podcast, Episode 1.6

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The Walkoff Walk Furious Five Podcast Episode 1.6 is now archived at BlogTalkRadio for your listening enjoyment. Kris recommends enjoying the show with a nice dry Riesling, possibly an '06 from Alsace. The topics discussed tonight included an unsung Kurt Suzuki, the MVP candidacy of Aaron Hill, Drew's magic ability to witness walkoff walks, authentic shawarma and poutine, and the tragedy that occurs when old media fires their beat writers.

The song played at the end is Justin Townes Earle's live rendition of "They Killed John Henry", courtesy of KEXP at the Free Music Archive.

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I enjoyed it with a Mighty Arrow Pale Ale from The New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire and 1554. Outstanding.

Great show yet again.

Montreal falafel spot: BOUSTAN. Unreal.

I have never recommended a Reisling for anything other than a Sorority Rush. Listen to it with a Steel Reserve.

Or a fullbodied smoky Cab.

Sometimes I forget that Kris' appreciation of wine is so narrow-minded.

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