Mark Hendrickson: A Career of Noteworthy Mediocrity

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old-doghouse.jpgIf you are any kind of baseball fan, you know of Mark Hendrickson. There are two main reasons for his notoriety:

  1. Mark Hendrickson played four seasons in the NBA. He made his most notable contribution to the basketball landscape by offering his head as a convenient landing area for basketballs in a rather famous Michael Jordan poster.
  2. The journeyman's played for so many teams; your local nine is bound to be one of them.

Last night, Mark Hendrickson did what he always does: he went out there and sucked. Hendrickson pitched 5 innings, surrendering 4 runs on 9 hits & 2 walks. Pretty normal, mediocre stuff.

Normal until you realize those five innings helped push Mark Hendrickson over 1000 innings pitched in his career, into the upper troposphere of mediocre baseball players. Mark Hendrickson is now the proud owner of career ERA still comfortably over 5 or the 6th highest ERA of all time for pitchers with 1000 IP or more.

The saddest part of Mark Hendrickson's career dirge is he's not that bad. His career FIP is respectable 4.57, good enough to be a fifth starter on most big league teams. It's also lower than many pitchers with vastly superior career W-L or ERA numbers such as Jason Marquis or former Cy Young winner Pat Hentgen. Yet neither of these fine fellows must face the indignity of such distinctions (though Jason Marquis deserves some sort of prize for his 14 win, 6.02 ERA/5.90 FIP season in 2006. Make checks payable to Albert Pujols plz).

How could this have happened? How could an athlete of such incredible pedigree that he played two different sports professionally be so bad at one of them? Playing on bad teams doesn't help, neither do his obvious physical gifts (being very tall) that allow him shot after shot when others would have been left on the scrap heap. I say good for you Mark, keep grindin and keep serving it up. Two pensions are better than one my friend.

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There aren't many pitchers whom I'm glad to see pitching in the AL East.

Mark Hendrickson happens to be one of them.

What a bum.

Mark Hendrickson is like Rod Stewart. They've had lengthy careers in their respective fields and nobody knows how or why.

Jesus Lloyd, sure he sucks now -- going to Baltimore will do that to anyone regardless of height -- but that's The 21st Greatest Devil Ray Ever.

Barely edging Jonny Gomes in anything is grounds for a loss of respect

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