Mordecai Brown Did More With 3 Fingers Than You Could Do With 20

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Good old Mordecai Peter Centennial "3 Finger" Brown. Had some mangled digits from a tractor accident, but was still one of the marquee pitchers of the deadball era. He was even on the Cubs the last time they won the World Series. Neat guy. Now thanks to the video editing/flipbook making skills of YouTube user TenAleTilt, you can watch him throw in all his glory. Well a few seconds of his glory anyway.

Now if we can just find one of Ty Cobb punching out some minorities and pushing a baby stroller down a flight of stairs we'll really get a feel for the old days! Please to enjoy.

(We owe a Coke to Tim Marchman.)

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That man could sure hurl the ol' pill!

The youtube link was sent to Dusty Baker, and he clicked "play" 138 times in two hours.

Django Reinhardt is not impressed.

Antonio Alfonseca is doubly ashamed after seeing this clip.

I have a motion-daguerreotype of Nap Lajoie doing the hokey pokey. Should I post it?

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