Nationals Fans Rejoice as Stan Kasten Experiments With Organ

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Get excited, baseball fans in the greater Washington, D.C. area: organ music has returned to Nationals Park. As per Screech's best friend, the tinkly tunes returned during the latest homestand:

Sure enough, that organ is real. Team President Stan Kasten telling us Our Washington Nationals are "experimenting" with the idea and are testing fan response to see if organ music will become a staple at Nationals Park.

Despite the crude imagery elicited from the idea of Stan Kasten experimenting with his organ, I say good for the Nationals and good for the Nationals fans. I can't imagine a baseball park without the smooth sounds of a live electric organ belting out standards like "Mood Indigo", "On the Sunny Side of the Street" or "Back That Azz Up". Canned music is the pits.

Now only if they could figure out how to proofread their giveaways, the Nats would be on the right track. Speaking of the right track, here's some of legendary jazz organist Jimmy Smith's oeuvre for your listening pleasure:

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Do "Baby Elephant Walk!"

Play "Brass Bonanza"

I like "Baby Elephant Walk." It reminds me of elephants.

Hopefully they'll let us put the organist in left field to back up Adam Dunn.

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