Oh Great, NOW You Can Major In Baseball

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If there's one thing besides baseball that I like to keep an eye on, it's changes in the Japansese HIgher Education System. It many ways it's the most beautiful sport there is. Japanese people taking classes, Japanese people riding their bikes to those classes, Japanese people graduating. It's the true "Sweet Science," and I can't get enough. So imagine my wonderment today when my love of the Japanese Higher Education System collided with my love of baseball! It was like Christmas AND Japanese Christmas all rolled into one. Not only is one university over there about to change how their students choose a path of study, they're gonna offer a baseball major. Neat.

What is interesting about this new development is that the Shikoku Gakuin Daigaku is adding the major of Baseball Science, which is the first such program in any Japanese university. The main subjects the students will be able to study majoring in Baseball Science will be:

  • History of Japanese Baseball
  • Baseball Information Analysis
  • Baseball Methodology
  • Baseball Management
  • Health and Sports Nutrition
  • Introduction of Baseball Communication

The dream of the university is for one of their alumni to become a major league player and expand the business of baseball and develop more "Baseball People" who can contribute to the industry. The school hasn't produced many NPB players. One of the few baseball alumni from Shikoku Gakuen Daigaku is former Hiroshima Toyo Carp Kouichi Amano, currently the manager of the Fukui Miracle Elephants in the Baseball Challenge League.

"Can he hit a curveball?"

"No chance in hell, but he got an A in Intro to Offspeed Pitching so I'm still gonna sign him."

I'm trying to picture what this would be like but all I keep getting are flashbacks to when my friend Tommy got the Extra Innings package so we could watch the Red Sox in Tallahassee. And that's a little fuzzy, so I gotta tell ya, I'm interested to see how this all works out. I also have no doubt that Tony LaRussa is going to try and get a doctorate in this so he can post his diploma all over the clubhouse.

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Curtis Pride failed "Introduction of Baseball Communication".

Bobby Valentine went there for his undergrad, but now he's working on a Masters in Tentacle Rape.

History of Japanese Baseball 102: How Jack Elliot Sacrificed Personal Glory to Help the Dragons Win the Central Division Professor Emeritus Tom Selleck

Hideki Irabu put on the freshman fifteen, then the sophomore seventeen, then the junior nineteen, and finally the senior twenty-seven.

The best thing about the Japanese higher Education System? Japanese co-eds. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto

Health and nutrition have no place in baseball.

Baseball Management
Dice-K will be returning to do a guest lecture for the Baseball Management class. Sign up now for his lecture on how to invent a fake pitch and convince rich Americans to pay you a lot of money

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