Pete Rose Welcomes You To The Baseball Family - 1985

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When some old guy tells you what a disgrace today's players are, what with their steroid use and at bat rap music, show em this video for me, will ya? In Today's Classic TV Friday Clip, Charlie Hustle thanks fans on behalf of "the baseball family." A family that "has had it's share of problems." Oh, it's also a family that would excommunicate him for life in a couple of years.

So here's Pete Rose (inveterate gambler), acknowledging that baseball has problems, then introducing Doc Gooden (cokehead) and Vince Coleman (accused rapist and firecracker thrower) as just the guys to turn it around. Whoops!

Don't let people tell you that baseball is worse off now than it ever was. It's always been the refuge of degenerates and Walkoff Walk is just proud to be part of the tradition.

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Why does it suddenly smell like Aqua Velva and hookers in here?

So. Turned. On.

Fidel Castro was also supposed to appear in the spot but he had visa problems.

"Share it all"
Hey, where's my cut, Charlie Hustle?!

Next up, an RKO radio wax cylinder double-feature: Ty Cobb explains the proper way to sharpen your spikes; and Babe Ruth teaches "all the youngsters out there" how to stash a dead hooker's body in the opposing pitcher's locker without spilling your pre-game gin rickey.

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