Please Continue to Have Unprotected Sex With Robbie Alomar

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Looks like that Robbie Alomar AIDS bombshell was just a dud. Or maybe not, because although his ex-girlfriend withdrew her $15 million civil suit, he might still have the HIV. Or rickets. Or swine flu. Or any one of the innumerable diseases that plague mankind. No telling whether the yeast infection rumor or the raped-by-Mexican-men rumors were true or not:

Alomar and (Ilya) Dall, a competitive arm wrestler and spa owner, broke up last October. Dall reportedly lives in a $5 million, Queens, N.Y., home purchased by a trust set up by Alomar.

The settlement was reached as attorneys for Alomar, a 12-time All-Star, and Dall were scheduled to appear Friday for an initial conference in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Dall could not be reached, and her attorney Anthony Piacentini declined comment when reached by

"The complaint was withdrawn, which means the lawsuit was withdrawn with prejudice," Charles Bach, who represents Alomar, told "That speaks for itself. It is over."


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I spit on your civil suit.

I didn't know she was a competitive arm wrestler. That is just over the top.

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