Rinku And Dinesh Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You

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Received an email from concerned reader David last night.

"There has been no post on (Rinku and Dinesh's blog) since April 30th. In that post it said they were sick. What has happened to them? Do they have the swine flu?

Admittedly, we haven't been doing the wall to wall coverage of these two ever since they went national. This shouldn't surprise anyone since you all think I'm a hipster. But yeah, David was right. This was the longest dead zone I could remember on their blog and last we had heard they were sick during the height of a pandemic.

Well I was going to email JB Sir this morning to get the scoop when I saw they had indeed updated their blog overnight. They love The Hulk and The Love Guru, they think it's too hot in Florida. AND OH YEAH THEY'RE RIDING IN STRETCH WHIPS NOW. GETCHA SOME.

Sickness pulverized. Advantage, those guys.

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The boys need to learn more about baseball and want to watch movies? Solution: Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch.

Rinku and Dinesh are the only 2 people who liked The Guru

We are liking very much the cargo pants matching with the sneakers tennis. JB Sir thinks this is a much appealing look for young men such as we are. We try not to be too much attractive, as our family at home might not approve of gazing from other women. GAZAB.

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