Ryan Zimmerman Is Going Streaking

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wow.051309.ryandimaggio.jpg For unknown reasons, 30 games seems to be the cutoff when people start to get really excited about a hitting streak. And after going last year without one of those oh-so-fun 30 gamers, Ryan Zimmerman singled in the first inning last night to reach said mystery magical number. I don't know about you, but I'm pumped.

Reuters has done us all a favor by asking a statistician how great of a chance Zimmerman has to match or beat Joe Dimaggio's 56-game hitting streak. The answer: Not much.

San Diego State University professor and statistician Jim Lackritz estimated Zimmerman's chances from this point of tying the Yankee Clipper at 1 in 414, or .0024 for you math geeks. To break DiMaggio's record, the odds are 1 in 517, or .0019. [...] Zimmerman has already improved his chances vastly as the odds before this streak began stood at 1 in almost 10 million, Lackritz said. "Basically, this is the toughest record in sports to break," the professor said.

Wow, so Juan Pierre must have like a 1 in 10 billion chance of starting a 56-game hitting streak every game.

If he can get a hit today (join Walkoff Walk for your official liveblog of Ryan Zimmerman's possible 31st consecutive game with a hit) against the Giants, Zimmerman is virtually a lock to get to number 35, as the Nats play the Phillies for 4 over the weekend. With the way Phillies pitching has been giving up taters this year, he might be a lock for the all-time homer mark, too.

Incidentally, the Nationals have scored 22 runs in their last three games. They've lost all three.

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"Basically, this is the toughest record in sports to break,"

Johnny Van Der Meer disagrees.

Cy Young's victory total is also impossible, until they start letting pitching machines pitch and the Pitch-o-Tron 4000 wins 726.

So does Wilt Chamberlain. On so many levels.

So does Travis Henry.

Do you think Marilyn Monroe divorced Zimmerman because of his big head?

No it's because he used to hit her with a telephone.

Anyone else here remember the Mr. Coffee commercials with Joe Di? How has one of those not been featured here or has one and I just missed it

She divorced Zimmerman because he plays on the Nationals and she was ruined by Giambi. This guy knows what I mean. High five!

Hopefully Zimmerman has better results than this streaker at Citi last night:

(its fine for work)

@dmac, that goes hand in glove with Cy Young's career complete games: 749

David Eckstein's mark of playing 947 games while being an adorable scamp is gonna be tough to take out.

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