Spain Has Little Baseball But Tons of Delicious Shrimp

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After nine days of touring the cities and countryside of Spain, I can report that there truly is very little baseball in Spain. When getting ready each morning, we popped on the TV and saw a ton of soccer highlights, the German version of American Idol, and way too much coverage of this nonsense, but surprisingly, no daily rollcall of web gems and tater tots. Shocking, I know! Despite the lack of baseball, there is a good deal of shrimp among the bounty of food and wine as evidenced by that snapshot from a great tapas-crawl we had in Madrid. Over the week or so we spent hopping around Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, and Barcelona, we ate enough food and drank enough Rioja and Cava to make your head spin.

In fact, my head is still spinning. We had jamon iberico, queso manchego, churros and porras; calamares y polpo gallega; deep-fried small green peppers and pigs' ears; lamb, beef and pork; quail, pheasant and partridge; we ate delicious fishes off a bundt-cake size pile of anchovies, tasted mussels and sardines and razor clams from a can, and enjoyed the single best bite-sized nom of my entire life: a hunk of blood sausage wrapped in a thin slice of potato, deep fried and served atop a slice of bread topped with a fried quails egg.

Although I temporarily replaced my baseball addiction with an obsession to eat every specie of mammal, bird, and fishy, I didn't take a week off from checking the Yankees score each morning. Other than their good run, the Mets walkoff walk win, and Jon Lester's ballooning ERA, I pretty much missed out on my daily baseball fix. Still, I was able to steal my girlfriend's Euro-enabled Blackberry to read up on the goings-on at Walkoff Walk and could not have been happier with what I saw. It's truly a testament to the passion of our readership, not just the dedication of our pals D-Mac and Drew, that something Kris and I created sixteen months ago could be so capably handled while I was away and while Kris was finishing up his stint as Bob the Builder. Thanks again to our readers, commenters, Furious Five guest Jonah Keri and especially Dan McQuade for holding down the fort.

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I'm sure nobody will ever photoshop that shrimp out of your hand and replace it with poop, genitalia, or Dusty Baker's severed head. Welcome back, Robbo.

you aren't Clooney, you're Bourdain.

Welcome back

Welcome back Rob, btw does the rain in Spain fall mainly on the plain?

Dad's back. I guess Customs doesn't pay much attention to anonymous tips.

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