Sparky Lyle, Boog Powell & Boom Boom Geoffrion Pimp Miller - 1986

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Back in the mid-eighties, Trivial Pursuit was all the rage amongst baby boomers who wanted nothing more than to have some memories jogged from their 1960s era childhoods. Over 20 million of the board games were sold in the first year of production which made the game popular enough to be included in this 30-second advertisement for Miller Lite, featuring former Oriole Boog Powell, former Yankee Sparky Lyle, and six-time Stanley Cup champion for the Montreal Canadiens Bernie "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion:

Like Bob Uecker in the United States, Boom-Boom always played the butt of the jokes in Canadian Miller Lite ads. Sometimes even en Francais pour nos amis Quebecoises!

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The real joke is that Boog Powell can read.

Powell and Lyle? The Miller advertising budget at that time must have been AT LEAST $300 or $400. Maybe $450, if Powell held out for extra sandwiches at the taping.

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