That Yankee Fan Flying Karate Kick Video You've Been Hearing About

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Via AJ at Deadspin comes this video of a Yankees fan getting seriously upset (read: massively wasted) and executing the Bruce Lee flying karate kick at the Stadium last weekend. Perhaps he was indignant at some jamook wearing a green Yankees hat or something.

Good thing we published this today! How else would you have seen it? It's only been on every major sports blog this week.

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Rob, you might be the last blog to finally show the video, but no one else can jamook-ify it quite like you.

I'm no black belt, but I'm pretty sure that maneuver is referred to by experts as the Chan Ho Park.

Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku

Well, its the first time I watched the video.

You seriously need a jamooks tag.

I must not read very many sports blogs because this is the first I am seeing or hearing of it. I will disseminate this to the other uncools post-haste.

No way, you've got it all wrong Honeynut. The TRULY cool kids ONLY read Walkoff Walk and Big League Stew and Ghostrunner on First, and shun everything else in the sportsblogosphere.

I didn't know Liu Kang was a Yankees fan...

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