The Most Boring Official Review on a Would-Be Hit in MLB History

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Todd Helton is the best hitter in the relatively short history of the Colorado Rockies franchise, currently sitting on top of the all-time Rockie list with 1,999 hits. Hey, that's one hit shy of a very round number! In last night's game against the Braves, though, Todd went 0-fer in his shot to collect number 2000 until his at-bat in the ninth inning, when he laced a grounder past Atlanta shortstop Yunel Escobar and reached first base safely. The official scorer at the Ted, however, called it an error:

"I have never seen that ball ruled an error," Helton said. "I received 40 text messages saying it was a hit."

Official scorer Jack Wilkinson disagreed, leaving Helton's entrance into the 2,000-hit club in limbo. Manager Clint Hurdle will meet with Wilkinson today before the game to argue his case. So it's possible Helton will become the 255th player in the big leagues to reach the milestone -- 18 hours after he swung the bat.

"A hit's a hit," Helton said.

"You want a hit like that to be clean," Hurdle said. "But that was a smoked ball at the shortstop's feet. He holds his ground, and he either picks it or he doesn't. There's no error there for me. He either picks it and turns a double play, or it gets by him and it's a hit. That's all it is, but we'll move on. It was a poor call by the official scorer."

You can watch the replay video at and not embedded here at Walkoff Walk because MLB Advanced Media doesn't understand the concept of the marketability of embedded viral videos and how they can help an already established media company earn new fans or improve the fan experience for existing ones.

But I digress. If Todd Helton ends up getting his 2,000th career hit because his manager (seen here attempting to rustle out an earwig) had a sit-down with an official scorer (who seemingly wasn't trying to screw Helton and actually made an unfavorable call towards his hometown shortstop), then I refuse to honor his round-numbered milestone-y accomplishment with a dolphin animated GIF post. I am sure Helton realizes the gravity of this threat.

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I realize the gravy of this treat.

Wait, what?

Jason Kendall didn't need no stinkin' official scorer review to collect his 2,000th hit yesterday.

Even I could get 2,000 hits if I played in the league for 35 years.

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